Jeff Baxter's page - Jeff plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals for the Oracle Band, based in Maryland

Jim Young

Lead Vocals - Bass

Jim Young on Bass guitar - Oracle Band's newest member. Click for enlarged viewIn the Summer of 2008 bassist Jim Young stepped up to the plate as the newest member of Oracle Band.

A native of Baltimore, he used to sing on a front porch in east Baltimore at age six singing the song Aquarius. No, we won't tell you exactly how old he is, but you can pretty well do the math considering the song came out in 1969!

He started playing bass at the age of 12 as he recovered from a serious motorcycle accident that required a six month recovery period.

Jim has performed with a number of other bands, including this one known as "Homebrew"In addition to the bass guitar Jim also plays guitar, piano, sax, drums, and the ever popular bent saw blade.  Jim is no stranger to the recording studio either.  He has written a number of songs that have been recorded on indie labels, and has appeared as performer on several other albums.

Jim is an army veteran, and spent six years stationed in Germany before leaving the service and becoming a software systems engineer for a company in Baltimore.

Jim Young on bass, in another lifetime! Click for enlarges view.Music obviously runs in the family for Jim.  In fact, his nephew performs with the very popular Niki Barr Band, a group local to Baltimore but who have traveled the world.

A veteran performer with a number of bands and with a wide variety of styles, Jim fits the Oracle mold perfectly. 

He has performed with classic rock bands, modern rock bands, country bands, a 50s band, and bands that perform all original material.

Outside of music, Jim lists his hobbies as motorcycles, cruise ships, Mexico vacations, and margaritas.

At 6'3" Jim has a clear view over the rest of the band!When it comes to photo shoots Jim never has any difficulty being seen. Being around Jim sort of makes the band feel like the Lilliputians compared to Gulliver in the popular Jonathan Swift story.  Coming in at 6'3" this is someone who will never have to stand on tip-toe to be seen, as you can see from this group photo!  Not that we're complaining of course.  It's always nice to have someone who can aim the lights without having to lower the light tree!!!

A father of four, Jim lives with his wife and family up in Westminster Maryland.  Of Bassist Jim Young in a past lifetime.  He's changed a little bit over the years! course all Oracle band members are animal lovers, and Jim lists his non-human family members thus: "Black Lab, orange Tabby, goldfish, groundhog under the shed..."



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