Mike & Veronne's page - Veronica is female vocalist with Oracle.  Mike plays guitar, keyboard, sings, programs songs, and washes dishes!

Mike & Veronne Herrera

Lead Guitar / Rhythm Guitar / Lead Vocals / Backup Vocals

Mike and Veronne...still rockin together!When reading most biographies of musicians one typically sees a short piece about each individual member of the band.

 However, in this case, Mike and Veronica's stories are so interwoven with each other that we thought we'd break from tradition and present the two of them as one story...just as it should be.

It seems that once upon a time in a country far far away known as the Philippine Islands, a Pennsylvania born military brat named Mike BODEGA_edit.JPG (105834 bytes) Herrera met up with a lovely lady named Veronica, and during a concert in her home city of Baguio they performed on the same stage together for the first time. 

Who would have thought that this concert up in the mountains of the Philippines would lead to the core of the group now known as Oracle?

As a solo folk singer, Mike Herrera had been playing guitar and piano since his early teenage years. He has a natural talent, and songs just come to him naturally. 

BODEGA2_edit.JPG (80693 bytes) Veronica started playing guitar and performing around the age of 10, and although neither of them ever had any formal musical training it seems that music was destined to be a long-term part of their lives.

After hooking up as a folk duo in Manila while Veronica was in college, the duo known as "Mike and Veronne" started gaining the  attention of local club owners as well as the media, and soon they were performing in nightclubs and on television on a regular basis. 

This even led to the offer of a recording contract, one which was turned down when it was found that the record company got the lion's share of the profits! 

Mike & Veronne Classic 3.jpg (89135 bytes) However, this exposure led to many appearances with local celebrities, and even more television exposure. Well, as one would imagine after working this closely together for so long a time things began to click, and Mike and Veronica got married!

When Mike joined the Air Force in 1984 they put music on hold for a while as they traveled to Nebraska for a year and then on to Hawaii, where the musical itch got to be too much and they started performing again as "Mike and Veronne" in various nightspots and military clubs.

Mike & Veronne Classic 4.jpg (91075 bytes)After ten years in Hawaii the military decided that Mike and Veronne  were just having too much fun, so in their infinite wisdom our musical heroes were transferred to MARYLAND. 

According to Veronica, she didn't even know where Maryland was when she first got the news! However, Hawaii's loss is Maryland's gain, and in 1994 our globetrotting couple landed here in Maryland.

Music was again put on hold as they got settled into life here in Maryland, but this respite proved to be short lived as Veronica got the "itch" to perform again. 

So, the "Mike and Veronne" show rode again, landing a 6 month gig at a local cafe.

It was about this time that they ran into a guy at their church named Jeff Baxter that sang really well, and after jamming together on a few tunes they found that things really "clicked" between the three of them. 

Say hi to Veronica.  Photography by Ken � 2001 (410) 913-4566 So, in 1997, Oracle was officially born. Their first performance was at a New Years dance for the church, and well, the rest, as they say, is history!!!

During the day Mike is a computer systems analyst with the government, and Veronica is manager of the Odenton Veterinary Hospital. 

She does love her animals. In fact, she says that when they first came to Maryland she brought 7 pets with her! 

A rare photo of Mike singing, playing tambourine, and SMILING! Rehearsals at the Herrera household are always interesting , with the birds squawking along with the music, the cats chasing each other, and the dogs woofing and wrestling out back.

Never a dull moment with these two, for sure!!!

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