Nicole (Nikki) Herrera

Electric Violin / Fiddle / Lead Vocals / Backup Vocals

Born into an extremely musical family, Nikki Herrera has inherited an incredible musical ability from her parents Mike & Veronica, and at the same time pushes herself to achieve even more in terms of musicality and showmanship.

Performing with Oracle since the beginning of 2005, Nikki brings a level of energy and excitement that truly electrifies the audience.

At some point during the course of the year 2007 (we're not really sure exactly when it happened), the demand for Nikki's presence at the band's performances led Nikki to give up the title of "resident guest artist" for the band and became a full fledged member of Oracle, performing at each and every show. 

Nikki Herrera - The Early Years - A Rising StarBorn in Hawaii while her father was stationed there in the Air Force, Nikki started playing piano at the age of 5, and at age 7 she started learning the violin.  She has been a natural performer, when even early in her childhood she would grab a microphone at her parents' performances and start going "check 1-2-3".

Nikki graduated cum laud from Towson State University in the Spring of 2009 with a bachelors degree in Music.  Rather than focusing on one particular genre of music, Nikki prefers to embrace all aspects of music, not only performing with classical ensembles, but looking to perform with country and pop groups as well, which is where Oracle comes in.  

Her senior recital was held on Wednesday, March 25th.  The closing piece of her recital was the unbelievably difficult "Tzigane" by Maurice Ravel.  Take a look and listen!

A fan of the all-female band "Bond", she has spoken with the members of that group at one of their recent area performances, and really admires them for their originality and musicianship.  She actually performs several of Bond's songs with Oracle when she  performs with the band. 

As for her own musical tastes, Nikki puts it best when she says "in my car you would probably hear stuff like pop, r&b, hip hop, rock, alternative, seriously almost any type of music."

Nikki has been studying violin privately now for the better part of 15 years, and piano for over 16 years.  She has traveled with orchestras both nationally and internationally, touring in China and performing in Canada.  She has performed with the Peabody Sinfonietta as well as the Baltimore Symphony.Nikki-vocals.jpg (99485 bytes)  In addition to her performing schedule, she also teaches violin privately.

Her approach to the violin is unique.  "I would love to tour as an electric violinist one day.  I love taking a classical instrument like the violin and being able to turn it into something that sounds modern and cool."

As a vocalist Nikki has quickly become a seasoned professional.  She started out singing backup vocals with the band, then quickly moved to singing lead vocals as well, much to the delight of the other band members who find her voice fresh and energized, with excellent accuracy and an uncanny ability to emulate other artists.

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