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Over the years, many of the fans of Oracle Band, our "Oracle Family", have asked if there is anything they could do to help get the word out about what a great time everyone has at our performances.

This new page outlines several ways in which our Oracle Family members can help us out.  To those that are willing to assist, we thank you more than you know.  You guys are the best, and we mean that from the bottom of our hearts.


Several of these ideas and suggestions require registering at a particular website in order to post comments.  We highly suggest that you get a "throw-away" e-mail address from one of the following popular websites to use for this purpose, to avoid the possibility of spam towards your regular e-mail address.

These are the kinds of addresses everyone should really have when participating in forums that require a e-mail address to participate.  If your ISP allows you to have multiple screen names you might also consider using one of those for this purpose.

Even though the sites that we're about to list are not a threat and do not spam their participants, it's always better to be safe than sorry. We have registered at each and every site listed, with different e-mail addresses, to ensure they do not elicit any junk mail.

It's A WWW World Out There

Without going into a lot of boring marketing detail, suffice it to say that bands with websites that are recognized by the major search engines, (ie Google, Yahoo, MSN) are generally going to be more successful.

If you have a personal website we would love to have a link to us from your page.  Facebook, MySpace, and the other social networking sites all allow you to link to other sites. 

Check out the Oracle Band MySpace page

Oracle Band on MySpace

Here's our Facebook Page:

Oracle Band on Facebook

Are you a blogger?  You can post links to us from your blog as well. 

If you want to send folks to a particular page within the Oracle website, that's fine too.

For example, you could either refer people to, or you could refer them directly to our calendar page at

Weddings Are Special, and So Are Our Wedding Clients

For a band, one of the highest compliments a client can bestow is to have that band perform for their wedding reception, certainly one of the most momentous days of their lives.

Oracle prides itself on being an accomplished wedding band. In addition to everything else, we make sure that introductions are pronounced properly, that all of the special events such as the cake cutting, bouquet toss, and all of the special dances come off without a hitch, and perhaps most importantly, we want to ensure that the focus of the day is on the newlywed couple and not the band.

Wedding Band One of the best wedding related websites is called, and it is totally free to everyone.

The wonderful thing about as opposed to other large wedding sites like The Knot, is that by being free to vendors as well, the consumer gets a much larger sampling of vendors to check out.  The high fees associated with the major bridal magazines and sites like The Knot choke out those smaller vendors, (like independent bands), who don't have an astronomical advertising budget.

We highly recommend WeddingWire to those planning their weddings, and once the wedding is over, you are invited to remain on WeddingWire and post reviews of your vendors.

This is where you can help us out.  If you had Oracle at your wedding reception, would you be so kind as to create an account there and post a review of the band?  If you find five vendors to review you will receive your choice of several rewards from WeddingWire, including gift certificates to 

To post a review of Oracle Band just go to our page on WeddingWire.  To post you'll have to sign in.

Join The Oracle Newsletter List...& Bring Your Friends!

This is without a doubt the number one way to help the band continue it's success into the coming years. By maintaining a large list of fans that we can contact quickly, we offer our clients the comfort that we can deliver a crowd to their function, whether it's a club, benefit, or other special event.

Of course most of our fans are already on the newsletter list, but here's what you can do to help us out. Send the following link to your friends and ask THEM to sign up:

You already know that we never release names to anyone else and that your personal information remains secure.  Our newsletter subscribers are our best form of marketing, because you already know just how informative and fun our newsletters can be! Message Boards

There is a wonderful website that caters to local bands in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia area, (but mainly, as the name implies, Maryland).

You don't have to register, sign in, or anything else to post a comment.  Just head on over to the Oracle Band Guestbook on and post your comments!  It's that simple!

Post Reviews of Oracle Band

There are a multitude of sites that allow you to post a review of a business or service.  All of the links in this next list allow you to post a review of the band, and the more reviews we get the more likely it is people will have their interest piqued.  Don't forget to use your alternate e-mail address.  When you subscribe to these sites they usually send a confirmation e-mail to you with a link to click, so once you've completed the subscription, just fire up your webmail program and click on the link they send you.

Here are some sites that allow general reviews to be posted:

  • City - This very useful site allows you to express your opinion on hundreds of places and businesses in and around Baltimore and DC.   You do have to register to post your opinions. Search for "Oracle Band" in either Montgomery Village or Odenton Maryland.  While you're at this site, please don't forget to click on the other reviews where it asks "Was this useful?"
  • Eventective - Look down by the "description" & you'll see a tab for reviews. Click and follow the directions on creating an account and posting a review
  • Google - Click the tab marked "Reviews" to add your review to the collection
  • Decidio - This one's easy, no registration required. E-mail address required for verification but not publicly viewable
  • Kudzu - No registration required for this one either
  • Merchant Circle - This is a good site that we could really use some reviews for. No registration required, anonymity is assured.
  • Yahoo Local - Do you already have a Yahoo account? This is a perfect stop for you that allows you to write a review using your existing Yahoo account.
  • - This one requires a registration to post a review, and, as you probably figured by it's name, is focused on wedding clients.  If you find yourself with nothing to do a review on this site would be very much appreciated.
  • AOL Yellow Pages - Are you a member of AOL?  If so you're already registered to access the review portion of this site
  • Wedding Book - This is another wedding related website that is just getting started. It does require a registration. If you've got the time and if we did your wedding we'd sure appreciate a plug.

Whispers Restaurant Guestbook

Many of you have attended our performances at Whispers Restaurant in Glen Burnie Maryland.

The Whispers website offers a guestbook for folks to comment on their experiences at the club, and to receive the Whispers Newsletter which lets you know who will be performing during the week.

To add your comments simply head over to the Whispers Legendary Entertainment Guestbook and complete the form. They do ask for an e-mail address of course, so remember to use your secondary one!

Obviously we don't want to have anyone spamming their guestbook, but you can certainly comment on how much fun you had, what a nice club it is, and of course, what a fun band they had!

Other Ways to Help

There is another way that you can help out the band, and that is by supporting this website.  The cool part is, you can contribute, and it doesn't cost you a thing. Well...sort of.  Read on.

In this online age many people do their shopping from the comfort of their computers.  One of the largest sites for online shopping is

Oracle Band has an arrangement with Amazon whereby we receive a percentage of any purchase you make, as long as you go to Amazon by way of our website.  A cookie is placed that lets Amazon know you came from our site.  Any purchases you make for the next three days are credited to our website, and we receive a small percentage of the sale.  It costs you nothing additional, but is an enormous help as we continue to develop the website.

Here's a search box you can use from right here:

We have an Amazon search box at the bottom of the  Oracle Band Home Page.  In addition, many of our lyrics pages have links over to the music section so you can purchase the CD or download the MP3.  Yes, we even receive a percentage of music downloads.

If you would be so kind as to make sure that your first stop before visiting Amazon is the Oracle Band website, you can help support the band and this website financially while at the same time saving money of the great prices over at Amazon.

Thank You For Your Support

To all of our good Oracle Band fans, we'd like to extend a genuine THANK YOU for all of your support over the years.  Without you all we would be playing in the basement if at all.

Your comments on these various sites help raise awareness of the band and encourage even more people to come out to party with us.  This in turn leads to more performances at bigger venues, and the cycle continues.

You guys are the best!

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