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In August and September of 2006 the WUSA TV Channel 9 website ran a contest allowing the public to vote for their favorite wedding service providers.  Oracle was nominated to be included as a candidate for "Best Wedding Entertainment In Washington DC".

Although we did not win based on the vote count, in our opinion we came out the big winner in a much more important way...based on the comments the voters left after casting their ballots.

Since we were only permitted to display 10 of the many comments we received on the WUSA Website Testimonials Page, we thought we'd copy and paste ALL of the comments that were left over the three week period when ballots were being cast.  The only editing we've done is to remove last names to ensure everyone's privacy.

Submitted by Carla and Ron - Pasadena, MD
Received on 9/6/2006
They have an awesome sound for only 4 sometimes 5 musicians. Their vocals and guitar are incredible. They also do everything in their power to make your event special. They learn new songs just for your event and they emcee your party with great professionalism. They played for a special birthday party for my husband and myself and gave us memories we'll cherish forever.

Submitted by Roger - Edgewater, MD
Received on 9/2/2006
They are outstanding performers! We have been following the band for eight years and they played at both of our girls weddings. Everything was perfect from the Father/Daughter medley dance to the bands traditional patriotic closing song. They sing and play from their heart and souls, it is felt by everyone!

Submitted by Annabella - Silver Spring, MD
Received on 9/1/2006
Best band my husband and I have heard in a very long time.

Submitted by Roxane and Jay - Severn, MD
Received on 8/31/2006
The Oracle Band is simply the best entertainment band around. No matter how often you see them, or what your age, you can't help but want to get on the dance floor, sing along or just enjoy the music. They are an extraordinary group of talented singers and musicians who play to their audience and enjoy what they are doing. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants a guarantee that their wedding, special occasion, or just a night out on the town, is a fun filled success. If you want "Valentine" (sung by Martina McBride), played in the middle of June, it will and has been done.

Submitted by Wendy - Pasadena, MD
Received on 8/31/2006
Excellent entertainers! Wide variety of music.

Submitted by Rodolfo - Kensington, MD
Received on 8/31/2006
Fabulous band and very dynamic. They play to all ages.

Submitted by Julia - Reisterstown, MD
Received on 8/29/2006
Friendly, play good music and great entertainers.

Submitted by Marcey - Pasadena, MD
Received on 8/29/2006
They are an awsome band. They get so into the crowd. I have seen them perform in nightclub's and at a wedding. What a great band!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by D.J. - Gambrills, MD
Received on 8/29/2006
The vocal quality and musical ability of Oracle Band is exceptional. The wide variety of music styles is also a huge asset; they can cater to ANY musical taste. On stage, they are a real crowd pleaser. In between sets, they love to get out and meet with the audience, not only to gauge how their music is being accepted, but also just to say "hello". They are personable, and truly enjoy making people smile. They really love it when the audience gets on their feet and hits the dance floor or joins them on tambourines. They make any occasion a fun one!

Submitted by Carol & Andy - Fletcher, NC
Received on 8/27/2006
Oracle played for our wedding three years ago, and people STILL talk about what a great band they were! Veronica sang everything from The Carpenters to Joan Jett, and every song she sang sounded like the original. These folks made our wedding reception something very special, even going so far as to learn a different first dance song for us on less than two day's notice! Incredible talent, first rate customer service, and the friendliest personality anyone could ask for. They're not only the best in Washington DC, they're the best on the east coast as far as we're concerend!

Submitted by Gene - Crownsville, MD
Received on 8/27/2006
The wide variety of music allows everyone to get involved both on stage and off. Very interactive with the audience. Great individual personalities that blend well together.

Submitted by Jennifer - Odenton, MD
Received on 8/27/2006
Their enthusisasium and you can see just how much they love to entertain us. They are alot of fun.

Submitted by Linda - Pasadena, MD
Received on 8/26/2006
I've heard them quite a few times, and they are the only band that I've seen people stop dancing and just watch them, they are great entertainers.

Submitted by Judy - Odenton, MD
Received on 8/26/2006
Their a very talented band playing any type music. They play it well and enjoy what they are doing.

Submitted by Marilyn - Owings Mills, MD
Received on 8/26/2006
Outstanding band..totally involves the audience. They make the evening an experience. Only thing better than attending an evening with Oracle is when Nikki makes a guest appearance to bring the evening over the top

Submitted by Debbie - Bowie, MD
Received on 8/25/2006
Every time you see them perform, they make you feel like there playing just for you!! Besides the music selection is great, the talent is "top of the line".

Submitted by Carol - Owings Mills, MD
Received on 8/25/2006
Oracle played a variety of fun dance music at my wedding reception. I would definitely recommend Oracle for any event, especially weddings. Carol from Baltimore

Submitted by AMY - Gambrills, MD
Received on 8/25/2006
Oracle is a fun, loving band. They get the crowd so involved and when it comes to celebrating an occasion, the band makes it know to the whole crowd. I LOVE ORACLE AND WOULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE TO SEE THEM!!!!

Submitted by Annabella - Silver Spring, MD
Received on 8/25/2006
Best band my husband and I have heard -- they play great songs for people of all ages and they have such a dynamic personality, especially Veronica. She makes the whole place light up. She can imitate any voice, any song.

Submitted by GJ - Bel Air, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
Fun! Audience participation! Excitement!

Submitted by J. M. - Annapolis, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
Oracle Band is the best band in the area, Hands Down. They will also be playing at my daughters wedding in March 2007.

Submitted by Mike - Severna Park, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
The members of the band always have a lot of energy and project that to the audience. They make you feel the music and make you want to get up and dance the night away. A lot of bands I have seen lately just play the music and just act as though they don't care whether you partake or not. I have never seen anyone in the band in a less than cheerful mood and always try and please everyone in attendance.

Submitted by Ron - Dunkirk, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
The combination of musical talent and showmanship. Most local regional bands you see perform today strive to have maybe only one of these elements, but Oracle truly is entertaining. they encompass Showmanship, great vocals excellent musicians and a great selection of music. I haven't seen any other band quite as good as them, except one band "train wreck" , but they have broken-up so Oracle gets my vote.

Submitted by Erin - Ellicott City, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
They are a fun loving band that keeps the crowd entertained. The lead singer always has bright smile and they all seem to love what they are doing. This is a contagious feeling.

Submitted by Pat - Arnold, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
they play and sing danceable music. they are not too loud. their musical selection crosses all ages. they are nice people.

Submitted by Mary - Pasadena, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
Outstanding performers! You can count on having a great time when you go out to hear this band play.They can play all types of music which is great because they keep everyone happy that came out to see them. They make sure you have a wonderful time and that is what keeps us going out to hear them play no matter where they are playing! TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful band and to think the first time we heard them we really did not want to go and that was 2 years ago!

Submitted by Laura - Odenton, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
A great bar band, they do a WIDE range of popular music. Their talents include rock, pop, country, swing - you name it, they do it, especially if you can dance to it. They easily and readily fulfill song requests. Excellent musicians and great singers. This band really aims to please their audience. I've seen this band regularly in local bars and clubs. If I had to plan an event, I'd hire them in a minute.

Submitted by Rosemary - Greenbelt, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
They are an amazing group!

Submitted by Margaret - Odenton, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
They are an awesome fun group!

Submitted by Mrs. Dale - Odenton, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
The "Oracle Band" is the best I've heard in a long time. They enjoy what they do and it shows. The audience picks up on Oracle's mood, therfore, creating a really great stress relief evening.

Submitted by Lisa - Falls Church, VA
Received on 8/24/2006
Oracle Bank played at our wedding in 2001. They were fabulous and kept the dance floor full all night!

Submitted by Rhonda - Ashburn, VA
Received on 8/24/2006
I had Oracle at my wedding a couple of years ago and they were absolutely great! Very professional, very accomodating and a joy to work with!

Submitted by Peggy - ,
Received on 8/24/2006
They are like family. They know who comes and listens to them all the time. The music they play is great and you can always dance to it. I love them like they are my family. They are the best!

Submitted by Becky - Crofton, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
Oracle played at my daughters wedding and EVERYONE there loved them. TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE. They were absolutely without a doubt fabulous. There was no one sitting and the dance floor was packed. We still have people ask us about them. I now have people that i work with asking for their web page so that they and their friends and family can go see them. I have never heard a bad word about them. They play all different types of music for the young and old so everyone has a great time. I have another daughter that one day will be getting married and we will plan her wedding around their schedule. We will also have a longer reception just because everyone had such a good time at my other daughters wedding and were so disappointed that the time had to end. I LOVE THEM

Submitted by CAROL - Annapolis, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
When Oracle Band plays you either have to get on the dance floor, tap your foot or sing along. They are a band whose voices and instrumentals blend to perform awesome music. They are able to sing all types of music which makes them so diversified and enjoyed by many age groups. Oracle Band is an talented, energetic and fun loving group. That is why I'm voting for Oracle Band and that is why I have booked them to perform for my daughter's wedding in March, 2007.

Submitted by Danielle - Severn, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
Not only are they the best band in Maryland but we have never met any other band that was so friendly. They make it a point to get to know everyone and the style of music they like to listen to.

Submitted by Lynn - Glen Burnie, MD
Received on 8/24/2006
They're a lot of fun. They sound terrific. They try really hard to accommodate all requests. The variety they perform is awesome. We are usually in a mixed crowd (age-wise) so tastes vary and Oracle is able to please 'em all!

Submitted by Shelley - Meridian, MS
Received on 8/24/2006
Oracle Band played at my recent wedding and they were absolutely fantastic! They really helped liven up the party and all of our guests -- of every generation -- were on the dance floor having an awesome time! Everyone just raved about the band afterwards and said they had never been to such a fun wedding party. Oracle Band is simply the best!

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