Twilight Time - Song Lyrics

  • Originally written as an instrumental tune by brothers Al Nevins, Morty Nevins, and their cousin Artie Dunn, better known as The Three Suns
  • The song was recorded by The Three Suns in 1944, it was a #8 Top 40 hit
  • The group's manager was Buck Ram, who started his own agency & signed one of the most popular R&B groups of all time, The Platters
  • Ram added lyrics to the instrumental song and it was then recorded by The Platters in 1958
  • The Platters version went to #1 on the Top 40 charts in 1958, it was also #1 on the R&B chart
  • The Platters were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990
  • The song was also covered by Doris Day with the Les Brown & His Band of Renown in 1944, as well as Teddy Walters with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra in 1945
  • A popular Anniversary Dance song, as well as a first dance song at weddings

Heavenly shades of night are falling, it's Twilight Time
Out of the mist your voice is calling, "Tis Twilight Time"
When purple colored curtains mark the end of day
I'll hear you, my dear, at Twilight Time.

Deepening shadows gather splendor as day is done
Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun
I count the moments, darling, til you're here with me
Together, at last, at Twilight Time.

Here in the afterglow of day
We keep our rendezvous beneath the blue
Here in the sweet and same old way
I fall in love again as I did then.

Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me with dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening just to be with you
Together, at last, at Twilight Time.

Note that the lyrics posted here are those as interpreted and performed by The Oracle Band. In a few cases we have taken some liberties with the lyrics to make them more appropriate for tasteful gatherings. Their use here is intended as an aid for people in selecting music for their wedding reception or private party, and may not be reproduced for any commercial, for-profit use.

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