Dancing In The Street - Martha & The Vandellas
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  • Written by William Stevenson & Marvin Gaye in 1964
  • The song was first recorded by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, after another Motown singer, Kim Weston, passed on the song, (probably just a bit of regret going on there...she did eventually record the song)!
  • It was released first as a single in 1964 and then on the album "Dance Party" in 1965
  • Martha Reeves (born Martha Rose Reeves 7/18/41 in Alabama & raised in Detroit)
  • In addition to The Vandellas (Betty Kelley & Rosalind Ashford), backup vocals on the original song were done by none other than Marvin Gaye and the composer William "Mickey" Stevenson
  • The Martha Reeves & The Vandellas version of the song peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1964
  • After peaking at #28 in 1964 on the UK charts it was re-released in 1969, and made it to a respectable #4 on the UK Pop chart
  • In 1995 Martha & The Vandellas were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2003 inducted into the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame
  • Between the years 1963 to 1972 Martha and the Vandellas charted over twenty-six hits.
  • Ten of her songs reached the Top 10 of the Billboard R&B singles chart, including two R&B number ones
  • Twelve of the Vandellas' songs charted within the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, with six songs charting within the Top Ten
  • Martha Reeves was elected to the Detroit City Council in 2005, and faces a whirlwind of problems associated with the Mayor's legal troubles and with her own problems relating to her ownership of many run-down lots in the Detroit area
  • A 1967 remake by The Mamas & the Papas failed to make the top 40 charts
  • Yet another remake in 1982 by Van Halen, from the "Diver Down" album hit # 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and was #3 on the Mainstream Rock tracks chart
  • Remade again in 1985 by Mick Jagger & David Bowie,  as part of the Live Aid charity event, the recording reached # 7 in the US on the Hot 100 chart, but in the UK it was a #1 song for four weeks
  • Other artists to cover this song:
    • Dusty Springfield
    • Ramsey Lewis
    • The Who
    • The Grateful Dead
    • Little Richard
    • The Kinks
    • The Carpenters
    • Neil Diamond
    • Cilla Black
    • Myra
    • Atomic Kitten
    • Jimmy Barnes
    • Girl Authority
    • Mystique
    • Jazz Jamaica
    • Black Oak Arkansas
    • Kim Weston
    • Human Nature (with Martha Reeves)
    • Tim Curry
    • Rhonda Stisi
    • Soul Incision
    • Bruce Springsteen
    • Nikki Webster

MP3 Downloads

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Martha Reeves Dancing In The Street (Original)
Martha Reeves Dancing In The Street - Re-Recording
Mick Jagger / David Bowie Dancing In The Street (Single Version)
Mick Jagger / David Bowie Dancing In The Street E.P.
Van Halen Dancing In The Street (Remastered Version)
Mamas & The Papas Dancing In The Street
The Carpenters Dancing In The Street
Kim Weston Dancing In The Street
Little Richard Dancing In The Street (Album Version)
Jazz Jamaica Dancing In The Street
Alfredo Pardo Dancing in the street
Rhonda Stisi Dancing in the street
Ramsey Lewis Dancing In The Street
Mystique Dancing in the Streets
Soul Incision Dancing in the Street
Jimmy Barnes Dancing In The Streets
Petty Booka (Hawaiian) Dancing in the Street
Kingfish Dancing In The Streets
Black Oak Arkansas Dancing In The Streets (2006 Remastered LP Version)

Song Lyrics - Song Title

Calling out around the world,
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer's here and the time is right
For dancin' in the street
Dancin' in Chicago
(Dancin' in the street)
Down in New Orleans
(Dancin' in the street)
In New York City

All we need is music, sweet music,
There'll be music everywhere
There'll be swingin' swayin',
And records playin',
Dancin' in the street

Oh it doesn't matter what you wear,
Just as long as you are there.
So come on every guy, grab a girl,
Everywhere, around the world

There'll be dancin',
dancin' in the street.
This is an invitation,
cross the nation,
A chance for folks to meet.

There'll be laughin' singin',
And music swingin'
Dancin' in the street

Philadelphia P.A.,
Baltimore and D.C now,
Can't forget the motor city

All we need is music, sweet music
There'll be music everywhere
There'll be swingin' swayin',
And records playin,
Dancin' in the street

Oh it doesn't matter what you wear,
Just as long as you are there.
So come on every guy, grab a girl,
Everywhere, around the world

They're dancin', dancin' in the street
Way down in L.A.,
Every day they're dancin' in the street
Lets form a big strong line,
And get in time,
We're dancin' in the street.

Across the ocean blue,
Me and you
We're dancin n the street

Note that the lyrics posted here are those as interpreted and performed by The Oracle Band. In a few cases we have taken some liberties with the lyrics to make them more appropriate for tasteful gatherings. Their use here is intended as an aid for people in selecting music for their wedding reception or private party, and may not be reproduced for any commercial, for-profit use.

Soul Divas
(Various Artists)

Here's a cool collection of great female hits from the 60s & 70s.

Featuring singers such as Diana Ross, Thelma Houston, Tina Turner, Donna Summer, and more, this 2-CD 32 track set has Dancing In The Street as well as:

My Guy
Heat Wave
Last Dance
Rescue Me
Don't Leave Me This Way
Love Child
...and 25 more!

Best of the 60s
(Various Artists)

Here's a somewhat different 60s related album.  These are all hits, including Dancing In The Street, but the other cuts are ones not typically found on other "Best of 60s" albums.

They include:

Son of a Preacher Man
King of the Road
Rubber Ball
California Dreamin
It's Not Unusual
Nights in White Satin
and 25 more hits on 2 CDs

Martha & The Vandellas
Dance Party

This is the original album. A great collector's item as it has been out of print for some years, it is available through several dealers online through Amazon.com

The Mamas & The Papas Greatest Hits

This is a super collection that anyone who remembers the 60s should own.

Includes Dancing in the Street, plus their other classics like:

Monday Monday
California Dreamin
I Saw Her Again
Dream A Little Dream

...and 15 more, all for an incredible price from Amazon.com!

Human Nature
Dancing In The Street

A really interesting look at some Motown covers by the Australian pop band Human Nature

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