My Maria - B.W. Stevenson / Brooks & Dunn
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  • Written and originally performed by B.W. Stevenson (born Louis Stevenson 10/5/49 in Dallas Texas)
  • Stevenson died 4/28/88 at the age of only 38 years, following heart valve replacement surgery
  • The B.W. stands for "Buck Wheat"
  • Stevenson's original version of the song reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1973
  • It was also a #1 hit on the Adult Contemporary chart
  • It was the only Top 40 hit of his career, although he was the first artist to record the song "Shambala" that was made famous by the band Three Dog Night
  • The song was remade in 1996 by country superstars Brooks & Dunn 
  • Band is fronted by Kix Brooks (born Leon Eric Brooks 5/12/55 in Shreveport Louisiana) & Ronnie Dunn (born Ronnie Gene Dunn 6/1/53 in Coleman Texas)
  • #1 "Country Song Of The Year" in 1996 by Billboard Magazine
  • It was a #1 hit on the Billboard Country chart for three weeks in 1996, and reached #79 on the Billboard Hot 100
  • The song was included on their album "Borderline", as well as on their first "Greatest Hits" album
  • Performing together as Brooks & Dunn since 1991, as of 2007 they  have scored 51 hits on the Billboard Country or Hot 100 charts
  • Between 1992 and 2006 they won the Vocal Duo Award of the Country Music Association every year except for 2000, a remarkable achievement 

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My Maria - Song Lyrics

My Maria 
Don't you know I've come a long, long way
I been longin' to see her
When she's around she takes my blues away
Sweet Maria 
The sunlight surely hurts my eyes
I'm a lonely dreamer on a highway in the skies

Maria, Maria I love you

My Maria 
There were some blue and sorrow times
Just my thoughts about you bring back my piece of mind
Gypsy lady 
You're a miracle work for me
You set my soul free like a ship sailing on the sea

She is the sunlight when skies are gray
She treats me so right lady take me away

My Maria
Maria I love you
My Maria
Maria I love you

My Maria

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