Oh, Pretty Woman - Song Lyrics

  • Written by Roy Orbison and Bill Dees
  • Originally performed by Roy Orbison (born 4/23/36 in Vernon Texas, he died 12/6/88 of a heart attack at age 52)
  • The song hit # 1 for three weeks on the Top 40 charts in 1964
  • It was written for Orbison's  wife Claudette.  They had been having some marital difficulties and had just reconciled.  Continued difficulties resulted in a divorce, but they again reconciled and were married again.   On 6/7/66, just two months after they got remarried, Claudette was killed when the motorcycle she was riding was hit by a truck
  • Orbison was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987
  • Remade By Van Halen in 1982, their version reached # 12
  • The Roy Orbison version received a resurgence in popularity following it's use in the the 1990 movie "Pretty Woman" starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Other songs by Roy Orbison performed by Oracle:

Pretty woman, walkin' down the street,
Pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet,
Pretty woman,
I don't believe you
You're not the truth,
No one can look as good as you....Mercy

Pretty woman, oh won't you pardon me,
Pretty woman, I couldn't help but see,
Pretty woman,
That you look lovely as can be,
Are you lonely just like me.


Pretty woman stop a while,
Pretty woman talk a while,
Pretty woman give your smile to me.
Pretty woman, yeah yeah yeah,
Pretty woman walk my way,
Pretty woman say you'll stay, with me.

Cuz I need you, I'll treat you right,
Come to me baby, be mine tonight

Pretty woman, don't walk on by,
Pretty woman, don't make me cry,
Pretty woman,
Don't walk away hey....Okay
If that's the way it must be OK.
I guess I'll go on home it's late,
Maybe tomorrow night but wait...
What do I see

Is she walking back to me?
Yea she's walking back to me.
Ohhhhhhhh pretty woman!

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