Our Wedding Vendor page. Some of the best wedding services and websites in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area

General Wedding Websites Links

Sites linked from this page are either strictly information sites with no vendors associated with them, or are sites that contain information about vendors in all 50 states and possibly worldwide.  While we try and select sites that contain excellent articles as well as lists of vendors, we have included links to some sites with more comprehensive vendor lists as well.

Wherever possible we will tell you if a site charges the vendors for placement.  The best lists and most comprehensive sites are those that don't require a vendor to pay for a basic listing, (although all of them offer some sort of enhanced listing...they do have to earn money somehow).

Association of Wedding Professionals
AWP members are committed to quality of service, professionalism, and adhere to a standard of ethics set forth by this excellent association.  There are many worthwhile articles and an extensive list of vendors, all members of the association, who can be depended upon for their excellence.  Most of the members of this association are known personally by the band.

Absolute Wedding Events
A brand new site for brides and grooms in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  Featuring a continually growing list of vendors, this is a relatively new site that is adding features and articles by the day, so check back often. 

To achieve wedded bliss, you must first plan for it - Lots of articles on wedding planning, plus things like games to play at a reception, honeymoon suggestions, and a bridal show directory are among the many great informative articles you'll find here.  They also have interactive chat rooms, wedding forums, and much more.

Wedding Directory
A nice list of wedding vendors, locations, and wedding related services, presented without a lot of hype, overblown ads, or unnecessary graphics.  Very fast, streamlined, and easy to use.

Wedding Gown Dress.com
Bridal Gowns, Fashion Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Dress, Bridal Shoes, and more...
Looking for a wedding gown, wedding dress, tux, prom dress, shoes, or bridesmaids dresses online?  Here's a good resource for you to check out. 

The Wedding Channel

This is a full featured site offering nationwide vendor searches, gown searches, extensive registry information, a budget planner, checklists, traditions information, etiquette advice, and much more.

Fire Your Wedding Planner!

"Wedding Planning Secrets" - Every Bride Should Know! - OK...so you really don't have to FIRE them, if you have one, but the tips you'll find here to save money and ease the stress of  the wedding planning process are invaluable.   They have a nice newsletter as well.  We've subscribed for quite some time and they have been true to their word about not selling their mailing list. 

The Knot
We would be remiss in omitting this site as it is one of the most popular on the web in terms of total visitors.  However, it is rather difficult to recommend as they do not have very inclusive lists of vendors, but rather only those that can afford to pay BIG bucks to advertise with them.  

The site has a messy look to it, trying to cram as many ads as possible onto their pages.  Additionally they utilize pop-up and pop-under windows liberally, so if you're not careful you'll end up with 10 or more open windows all screaming ads at you.  A good popup blocker is recommended.  There is some good content here, if you can look past the garishness of the site.

Jeanne's Wedding Information Page

Written by a long time alt.wedding contributor and self-described "wedding aficionado", this is an excellent non-commercial site chock full of articles and links to wedding related items.  There are some great ideas for less formal reception menus, (including recipes and info on portions for the do-it-yourselfers), as well as many other interesting tips.  Don't miss the page called Etiquette Hell, a great collection of true anecdotes and stories of major etiquette faux pas.  You won't believe some of these stories!!!

I Wedding Directory
Wedding guide and information, honeymoon ideas, wedding planning & advice, video & photography services, parties, wedding favors, and more.  This is a relatively new site that offers a nice listing of vendors in a variety of states.  They do not require vendors to pay to be included, meaning you may find some hidden gems here that you won't find on some of the larger sites that require big bucks to be listed.

Send FREE online Holiday Wedding greeting cards
Now here's a fun site.  123greetings.com has an e-card for every occasion, including special holiday season weddings, June weddings, and more.  Their list of "special occasions" is positively awesome...there's something for every day of the year. The service is free, and the cards are quite creative.

The ModelBride Boutiques 
www.ModelBride.com - An excellent on-line resource for beauty related items as well as accessories and shoes.  With two shops in the New York / New Jersey area, makeup specialist, hairstylist & model Lori Dunn has an excellent site useful even if you're NOT in the area.

Find a Photographer for your wedding or special event
Not a bad site for looking for Photographers or DJs.  However, in the case of this site obviously Oracle has not worked with the majority of the vendors listed, but it is a worthwhile resource. Caveat Emptor.

Wedding Gazette
Lots of nice articles, advice, a good vendor list, and a message board.  The articles change periodically, making this a good site to visit frequently.  The articles cover wedding flowers, bridal showers, wedding favors, making a budget, dealing with Mom, and more. Free newsletter contains wedding trends, tips, shopping, and advice.  Unfortunately some of their articles on music are way off base, but then, you have US for that...right?

Event Linker
www.EventLinker.com - Links to a host of service providers nationwide.  There are no articles or anything like that...this is strictly a straight ahead listing of service providers in your area.

Wedding and Event links. Find links to DJs, Wedding locations, Photographers, Ministers, Wedding Video, Wedding decorations, catering, florist, rentals, Wedding planner, limousine service, invitations, musicians and more!

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