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Oracle has been performing as a group since 1999.  The group performs a variety of music, including (but not necessarily limited to) the following:
  • Big Band
  • Swing
  • Motown
  • Classic Rock
  • Top 40
  • Techno
  • Disco
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Show Tunes and movie themes
  • Oldies
  • Polkas
  • Ethnic music
  • Holiday Music

Our songlist contains over 500 songs from all of the above styles.

We perform for many different kinds of functions, including:

  •   Weddings
  •   Bull Roasts, Crab Feasts, Pig Roasts & Shrimp Feasts
  •   Yacht Clubs & Boat Clubs - Commodore's Balls & Opening Weekends
  •   Corporate parties
  •   High School Reunions & College Reunions
  •    County Fairs & State Fairs
  •   Restaurants & Nightclubs
  •   Pool parties
  •   Summer in the Parks concerts
  •   Fund raisers
  •   Birthday parties
  •   Municipal "in-the-streets" festivals
  •   Holiday Parties
  •   Galas, Balls, & Cotillions
  •   Benefits


Oracle is a six piece group, consisting of drums, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, electric violin, trumpet, and assorted percussion.  All six band members sing both lead as well as backup vocals.

In between the band's sets a live DJ takes over, ensuring continuous entertainment.  This further enables the band to honor requests for songs that might not be on the band's songlist.  There is no extra charge for this service.

Wedding Entertainment

Click for enlarged view.Oracle is most definitely NOT your typical wedding band!  Read on...

Personalized Service

The band commits itself to making sure that your wedding reception is unique.  There is no "cookie cutter" approach, where every wedding is done the same way.  The band works closely with the bride, groom, parents, and other vendors to ensure that the unique personality of the happy couple shines through.

It is this commitment to personalized service that sets Oracle ahead of most entertainment agency or talent agency bands.  As an independent band you all always dealing directly with the band, and not through a third party agent or middleman, where you have to hope that your vision of the reception is passed on to the band.

wedding_2.jpg (129778 bytes)The main thing that is consistent from wedding to wedding is that we guarantee that everyone will have FUN.  We get everyone involved, and not through the use of tacky games, costumes,  or contests.  

We like to have folks come up with the band to sing along, play a tambourine, or change the lyrics of a particular song to match that of the bride, the groom, or some of the bridal party.

$$$ Save Money $$$

You also save money by booking directly with the band.  Most agents typically charge an additional 20% commission for their services.  (Hey...they have to make money somehow).  However, wouldn't it make sense to book directly with the band and save that 20%? 

Master Of Ceremonies - Introductions Done Right

During the course of the wedding reception we will be happy to act as Master of Ceremonies, coordinating events like the bouquet toss, cake cutting, and of course, the introduction of the bridal party.

The proper introduction of the wedding party is a service that Oracle does with professionalism and a commitment to getting things right.  How many times have you been to a wedding and listened as a DJ mangled the names of the wedding party?  It's embarrassing.  It's  unprofessional.  And most of all, it can be avoided with some simple advance work on the part of the MC.  

Oracle will go over with you each and every name to be introduced to verify correct pronunciation...BEFORE the day of the reception.  It's truly amazing how many so-called professionals don't bother with this simple piece of advance work.

We'll Learn Your Song Just For You

In terms of song selection, if there is a special song that you'd like for your wedding first dance that isn't on the band's songlist, we will be happy to learn it for you.  The same holds true for any special father / Daughter dance, mother / son dance, or other parent dances.

More Wedding Information

For more information on weddings, bridal shows, and wedding planning, visit our Wedding Information Pages.


Corporate Functions

If your business or corporation is throwing a dance or party for clients or employees, and you want the excitement and energy provided by a live band, Oracle is the band for you. Whether you are holding a holiday party, company picnic, or trade show dance/reception, we have just the right music for the occasion.

Oracle gets into the spirit of whatever theme you might have for your corporate function.We will coordinate closely with your activities chairperson to ensure that everything proceeds on schedule. If you have any kind of multimedia presentation going on at the function, we are more than willing to patch your audio feeds into our state of the art PA system for the clearest, cleanest sound.

Wintertime holiday parties are a specialty of the band. The band's diverse repertoire promises something for everyone. Due to the overwhelming response from their employees who have such a great time, many of our corporate clients come back to us year after year, so booking early is highly recommended.

The band is always willing to participate fully in "theme" parties, dressing to fit the theme of the party, and working to provide just the right atmosphere your company is looking to present. This can be anything from a beach party luau to a Mardi Gras bash, a Halloween spooktacular to a Fourth of July patriotic theme, or a Christmas Party with Santa Claus.

We would be pleased to provide you with some of our corporate and commercial references upon request.

Other Services

Wedding Ceremony Music

Oracle does have a limited repertoire of wedding ceremony music in the event that your reception and ceremony are held in the same location.  See our songlist for specific numbers.

If you prefer a more varied and extensive selection of music, as well as more classical instrumentation, Oracle violinist Nikki is a member of a string quartet that performs regularly at weddings.

How Much Does Oracle Cost?

Oracle strives to maintain extremely competative rates.  Because we do not work through a talent agency we do not have to deal with the overhead that these agencies must address, so our rates are typically much lower than anything you'll find through an agency or Broker.
We will be happy to provide you with a quote based on the date, number of hours, and location of your event.   We are also quite happy to consider requests from charitable organizations at reduced rates, based on availability.   Simply send us an e-mail to with the specifics of your function.  

Contract Information

Oracle uses a contract for each performance we book.  This serves to protect the band as well as the client.  The contract spells out in detail the who, what, when, where, why, and how much of each performance.  The contract assures the client that he/she has complete control over the volume level the band plays at, and spells out any special terms or considerations made with the band such as early arrival, special songs to learn, set up requirements, or other issues that must be addressed.  

The contract also lists each band member's name, ensuring that the group you hire is the group that shows up at your function.  This is different from other band's contracts where musician substitution is commonplace among talent agency and entertainment agency bands.

While the band's contract is fairly straightforward, we will be more than happy to discuss any specific provisions with you, and amendments and addendums to the contract are always considered.  The contract protects everyone against the possibility of misunderstandings.

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