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PA Equipment For Sale

After many years of collecting PA gear of all sorts through a multitude of different bands,  it's time to do a little housecleaning and sell off some of the gear that has been sitting around in storage.

All equipment listed is in good working order unless otherwise noted.  Demos can be arranged to assure proper operation.  All sales are final.  Payment should be by cash, certified check, or money order.  For added security for all concerned we can also accept PayPal.

If you're interested in any of these pieces please call (301) 258-9382 and ask for (or leave a message for) Steve.  You can also call the band's toll free number at (800) 470-0711.  You may e-mail us by going to our Contact Us page.

We can arrange for free delivery in the local Washington / Maryland / Virginia area.  Shipping charges may apply for anything that has to be sent more than 50 miles.

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Speakers / Monitors:

Fender Model 1272 A Stage Monitor

Power Amps:

Crown CE-1000 Power Amp

Mixing Board:

Bi-Amp 2442 Mixing Console


Fender Model 1272 A Stage Monitor - $100

15" woofer + horn - 100 Watts.  This monitor was purchased in a band sell out, so we haven't used it much, but enough to know it is still in good working condition.

Physical condition is average, with digs on the corners, but the vinyl covering and handle are still in good shape. The attenuator still works fine, and both of the parallel input jacks are in solid condition.

Fender Stage Monitor 1272 A

Crown CE-1000 Power Amp
- $370.00

This is a great monitor amp as well as an excellent amp for smaller FOH systems or high frequency speakers.  This amp is rugged, versatile, and can be driven down to 2 ohm loads confidently.

Power ratings: 

Stereo Mode Operation:
560W/Ch at 2 Ohms
450w/ch at 4 Ohms
275W/Ch at 8 Ohms

Bridged mono operation:
900 watts into 8 ohms 
1100 watts into 4 ohms

Crown-CE1000-Front.jpg (488927 bytes)

Manuel for Crown CE-1000

Crown-CE1000-Rear.jpg (515042 bytes)

Bi-Amp 2442 Mixing Console - $100

Purchased new in 1982 ($2500), this console has been a trusted friend for a great many years.  It has been well maintained over the years, but it does have some channels that are out and require a replacement fader.  Faders are relatively easy to replace however, assuming you have even the most rudimentary soldering skills.

It would make a great rehearsal mixer, would be excellent for a band just getting started with limited resources, or could be used as a submixer for drums or an opening act. It might also be useful for someone looking for parts to maintain another 2442, including the umbilical cable & power supply.

Features of the board are as follows:

  • 24 Channels
  • 4 Aux Returns
  • 4 Subgroups
  • 4 Way EQ on each channel
  • Phantom  power
  • 3 Aux Sends - 1 switchable pre-post
  • Individual send/return jacks on each channel (no TRS)!
  • Post Fader Channel Send on each channel for simultaneous multi-track recording
  • External Power supply & cable
  • Anvil case with wheels
Click for enlarged view.  Bi Amp 2442 Mixing Console, external power supply, and Anvil Case - $250






Click for enlarged view.

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