High School Reunions & College Reunions in
Maryland, Virginia, & Washington DC

Oracle Band performs regularly for High School reunions and College Reunions throughout the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Washington DC area.

Do you remember those days back in high school and college when all of the high school dances had a live band?  The thought of having a DJ instead of live entertainment was simply unthinkable for a "real" dance, whether it was a homecoming dance, prom, or even the Sadie Hawkins Day dance.

Oracle can help bring back those days and give your college or high school reunion that spark of excitement and nostalgia that your reunion committee is looking for...live music.  We work closely with your reunion committee to make sure everything flows smoothly, but rest assured...we do NOT seek to impose our views on you.  A horrible experience by one of our members with an outside reunion planning company for his own reunion reminded us of the importance of allowing the reunion committee to set the tone and agenda, and then we help make that happen.

Best of all, the Oracle repertoire will take you back to those "thrilling days of yesteryear" by performing the songs that were popular during your high school or college years.  We specialize in performing the music of the 1960s through the 1980s, when all of the high school dances had a live band.  Naturally we perform music from the other decades as well.

We customize our sets to focus on the music from your high school years, while at the same time sprinkling in other songs that are guaranteed to get everyone up on the dance floor.

If there was a special song that was used as a theme for your senior prom that's not on our songlist, we'll be happy to learn it for you.  We want to make your reunion as special as possible.

As with all of our performances, you also get a live DJ to take over in between the band's sets, so the entertainment is continuous.

Why pay $800 or more for a DJ when for just a little more you can have the live band you remember perform at your high school reunion, PLUS a DJ during the breaks?

Contact us today and see how Oracle can help to make your high school class reunion a smashing success.  Better still, bring the whole planning committee out to one of our public performances

You can see and hear for yourself just how much FUN your reunion can be with the right band and the right music!

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