Kudos from our clients and fans

We are pleased to list here some of the many comments we have received from several of our past clients and fans

Certificate of Appreciation from United Cerebral Palsy Association. Click for enlarged view.Oracle makes every effort to keep in touch with our past clients, inviting them to public performance and other special events hosted by the band. We are honored that many of our past clients have graciously allowed us to give out their names as references. Many of their comments plus those of several others who have heard the band are reprinted below.

Naturally, we are not going to publish names and addresses here on the web. However, if you would like a copy of our reference list, complete with names and phone numbers so you may speak with them yourself, we would be happy to mail one out to you as part of our promotional package. Simply give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will send one out to you in the mail.

WUSA Promotional Comments

In 2006 WUSA TV in Washington ran a promotional contest seeking the best wedding service providers in the DC area.

Oracle was nominated to be in the "Best Entertainment" category.  Although we did not win in terms of the total vote count, the comments left by those that DID vote are far more valuable to us than the actual number of votes received, particularly in light of the ease of which the count could be manipulated.

We were permitted to display only 10 of these comments on the actual WUSA website

However, we copied ALL of the comments that were posted, and we have included them on a separate WUSA Voters Kudos Page here on our website  Check them out, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for Oracle as the best wedding entertainment in the Washington DC area.

Listed below are other comments that we have received over the years


Good morning Steve,
I just wanted to drop you a line about the performance Oracle did at our
picnic on Saturday, August 7. My husband and I have seen Oracle play many
times before at Perry's and Whispers, but all of you truly outdid yourselves
this time! I think this was the best I've ever seen of Oracle. You played
your hearts out!! The variety of music was absolutely incredible and the
showmanship from Nicole and Veronica beyond belief!! What an amazing show
you put on. Those who sat just in listening distance missed out on being
truly entertained like we were being up close! And, the fact that you
played nearly the entire 4 hours was amazing! I'm sure you all were worn
out after that!

Please pass this along to Veronica and the rest of the band. Thanks for
doing such a great job!! I'm hoping they have already asked you to come
back next year!!

Nancy IBEW Local 26 - August 2010

Posted On WeddingWire.com

This band played for our recent wedding and I cannot tell you how happy I was to have them at my wedding. It would not have been as fun of a wedding had they not been there. They are extremely reasonably priced and during their breaks, they have one of the members "dj" to keep the group going. They are very flexible and play so many good wedding songs. The band leader, Steve is very responsive via email and suggests good ideas on timing of everything in order to keep the crowd excited and dancing. Two cousins have booked them for their weddings after attending our wedding!! You will not be disappointed by booking Oracle Band for your wedding or event.

Lauren & Michael - March 2010

Dear Oracle...

I want to thank the band so very much for what they did for my twins (Sharon & Darion's) b-day party at Perry's.  The band really acknowledged  their birthday. I have never seen a band do that as you guys did. You guys are wonderful people and believe me I have told anyone and everyone about Oracle. Not only the band being nice and sweet people, but they sure can play some good a.. kicking music. We had a great time and we owe it to Oracle.  I just wanted to say thanks for what the band did.     

Pat - April 2008

 To Our Dear Oracle Band,  

Thanks again for wonderful evening of entertainment at the American Legion Post 175, St. Patty's Day Dance. Jay and I along with our friends had a wonderful time.    You guys are great.   I hope the the next time you play at our Moose Lodge in Annapolis, we'll be in attendance.    Didn't realize you played there til I saw the pictures on the website.  

We enjoyed celebrating with you all for the Valentine's Dance too.   It was fun to see our pictures up on your website and everyone enjoying ourselves.   Look forward to seeing the St. Patty's Dance dance pictures.   I bragged about you all to my friends and family, and they enjoyed seeing the Valentine Dance pictures  of me and my friends on your website. What a great idea taking pictures and sharing them on the website.  

You have a gift for making all your guests feel like "Special Friends".   We have never been disappointed in your fine performances.  We love your New Letters too, they are so personal and friendly.   We do hope your friends who were in the accident during  Valentine's Weekend are improving and will be OK.   Please keep us all posted on them.  

Look forward to see you all in April l.  

Have a wonderful Easter and God Bless You All,

E-mail from Janet and Jay - March 2008

Dear Steve, Veronica, Mike, Charlie and Nikki,

I wanted to thank all of you for helping to make Lindsay and JimÔ's day so very special. Everyone is still talking about the band and wondering where they can see you again.

Even some of my relatives who never dance were out on the floor. I know I threw you a few curves but you just went with the flow and it was fabulous. You are all so talented,

Professional and fun loving and it was wonderful having you. I would also like to give a special kudos to Nikki. You did and awesome job and it was great that you could join us.

Please know that you have my permission to add Joe and I to your reference page. Thank you again for everything and we look forward to seeing you at Post 175 soon.

Carol with Veronica at her daughter's weddingVery Sincerely,

Carol (Mother of the Bride) - March 2007

Oracle Note - We were extremely saddened to learn that Carol passed away in October 2008. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, and Oracle will miss her presence at our performances, particularly those at the American Legion Post 175.  She was always gracious and kind, and her enthusiasm, energy, and spirit will always be remembered by everyone who ever knew her.

Dear Steve,

Your band is fantastic! Everyone just raved and raved. That was evident by the number of people on the dance floor! We all had a wonderful time thanks to you.

Many many thanks,

Margie (Mother of the Bride) - July 2006

Dear Steve, Charlie, Mike & Veronica,

Thank you so much for your absolutely fantastic performance at our recent wedding in Annapolis on July 8th.  

The Oracle Band was truly sensational and everyone raved about what a great job you all did in getting - and keeping - everyone dancing and having a great time.  It was such an absolute treat having you all perform on our special day and you really helped make the evening stand out as a milestone in our lives.  

Thank you so very much and best of luck to you in your future engagements - we'll be sure to recommend you whenever we can!

Thanks again,

Shelley & Chris - (Bride & Groom) - July 2006

I just wanted to tell you that Bill and I wanted to thank you so much for the night you gave Wesley at Perry's. We couldn't have had a better night for him. We really wanted to thank you for the Web page that you gave him. He was so excited when he saw it. Bill had made a book from the pictures that were taken from that night. Wesley looks at it every day. I'm sorry it took us so long to say thank you! We just wanted to make sure you knew how truly grateful we were for making Wesley's Birthday a truly memorable one!

Thank you

Bill & Cindy (Parents) - July 2006

Dear Steve and fellow members of Oracle,

I can't thank you all enough for the amazing job you did for Mark's surprise party. You are all awesome--amazing talent! We were thrilled that Nikki could join you as well. I received numerous compliments on your band. It appears as though there are a lot of people who would like to hire you for future events. I hope that happens! Thanks again--we had a great time!

Most sincerely,

Jaime - (Daughter in Law) - June 2006

Dear Steve, Veronica, and the rest of the Oracle Band - 

Thank you so much for your part in making our daughter's wedding such a special event.  We had many many compliments on your playing - it was a great event.  We appreciate your learning not one, but two songs for the wedding - both for Beth & Jean's first dance but also the father-daughter dance, and playing the special request for our son's birthday, plus DJing the CD of Indian music. 

You really helped make the wedding a very special time

Thank you

Bobbi (Mother of the bride) - September 2005

Dear Steve, Veronica. Mike and Charlie,

You guys are wonderful. Christine and I really had a great wedding and we can't thank you enough for all you did. Steve, we couldn't have had a better MC. Veronica, Mike and Charlie you just kept cranking out the songs. Everyone at the wedding couldn't get over the quality, professionalism and supreme wedding music. Everyone enjoyed dancing and some even didn't want to leave. The guests loved your style and I received many compliments on selecting a band instead of a DJ. I have even mentioned you to a few friends and even my company. I really appreciate you letting us sing along with you too! Thank You Again.


Sean and Christine (Groom & Bride) - August 2005

Hi Steve,

To you and your band, a huge thank you!!! We have had so many comments from the party participants about loving your band. It was wonderful and we thank you so much for making the party super! 

E-Mail from Doris and Ellis (40th Wedding Anniversary) - July 2005

Dear Oracle,

Ron and I want to thank all of you for your part in making our birthday party one of the best nights of our lives. One of the many reasons that it was so memorable is that Oracle played with all their heart and soul. You were fabulous! Guests couldn't stop talking about the Band. It was our thrill and our privilege to have you play for our birthday party!

Thanks for everything and keep on rocking,

Love, Carla and Ron

E-Mail from Ron & Carla (Birthday / Anniversary Party) - June 2005

Dear Steve,

Just wanted to tell you and the other members of Oracle how much we loved having you play at our daughter's wedding on May 21.  Many of our friends and family commented on the band and how they enjoyed the music.

Thanks for being part of making Krissy & Terry's wedding day so special.

Bev (Mother of the bride) - May 2005

Hi Steve!

It's taken me a couple of weeks, but I wanted to touch base with you.

Thank you so much! The music was wonderful! I can't tell you how many people told me during and after the wedding how much they enjoyed Oracle Band. Everyone loved you guys!! Jay and I did, too! The folks who were still there at the end wished it went on longer. Everyone was have such a good time dancing. Most people I've talked to told me to enjoy myself, the evening goes by so quickly. And, it did, particularly that 20-30 minutes between you coming to ask if we wanted to continue and the end! Had I known so many people were still going to be there, I would have asked you to keep going, and we could have danced until dawn!! :)

If I come across any brides-to-be, I will definitely tell them about Oracle Band!! And, based on the comments I've received from the guests, so will they!

Thanks to all of you very much!! The music and how you guys interacted with everyone made the night so special!!

Deborah & Jay - April 2005

Dear Oracle Band,

You guys were incredible!  We were so impressed with your rendition of U2's "One" for our first dance.

You all were a pleasure to work with & your flexible & easy-going attitudes helped to make our special day all the more enjoyable.

We will not hesitate to recommend you to friends.

All our best to you all

Katy & Mike - August 2004


You guys are fantastic! Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job Saturday night. I can't tell you how many people came up to us and told us they loved the band. I even think our photographer might call you because he is looking for a band for an event he is having in the next few months.

Now that we are Oracle fans, we will be coming out to see the band after we come back from our honeymoon.

Tell everyone in the band THANK YOU!!!!!!

Tammi & Jason - June 2004

We first heard Oracle about 2 years ago. Since then, we compare all local bands to Oracle's energy, vocals and ability to play to the crowd. Oracle is indeed the best in this area and we always know that there will be a good time no matter where they play.

Our anniversary is Valentine's Day, so I emailed the band and asked if they could sing "Valentine" by Jim Brickman/Martina McBride at the Sweetheart Dance 2004. I did not know if they could/would, but to our delight, Veronica announced the dedication and sang the song beautifully. Unlike other songs, ours is usually only played once a year, so I was so thankful to Veronica and the band.

Oracle is awesome!!!!!!!!!
Special thanks to Veronica for making our anniversary complete.

Message posted to Oracle Message Board  from Rox & Jay - 3/26/04

Oracle Band!

Thanks so much for making our Wedding Celebration the best night of our lives.  I'll never forget how Veronica & Mike sang our song & the emotions we felt!  Thanks to you all for the wonderful memories you gave to us!

Bev & David - January 2004

Hello to all!

Sorry for not getting back to you right away since the wedding last October 18th, you know why so much things to catch up but I'm glad we all getting there.

Just want you to know how much we all appreciate having you there. "THANK YOU" for your fantastic performance, you are the best!!! All the Guests were amazed for your wonderful, lively performance.

Some of the Guests that I spoke with are planning to contact you whenever there's a function. I told them to do it as early as possible so they be able to book the date due to the your demand, hectic schedule. You will be hearing from them soon.

I will keep in touch also with you.

Maraming Salamat ulit!!!!!


E-Mail from Anna (Mother of the Bride)  - October 2003

Steve & Co.:

Dan and I just returned to reality (i.e., from our honeymoon) and are getting back into the swing of things. I wanted to send a note thanking you, sincerely, for a wonderful job at our wedding reception on May 17, 2003 and for being really responsible for giving us some of the best and dearest memories! We truly had a wonderful day, and you were much a part of it. I apologize that we were both unable to say more to you during and after, but I am sure, being in this business, you understand how thin brides and grooms get spread.

We are beginning to hear stories from our guests, and there will be more, we are sure. We have not seen many pictures yet but do not mind . . . gives us something to look forward to. Many have commented on how much they enjoyed Oracle Band. From my perspective, limited as it was/is, you really catered to our crowd, and, given that our friends/family are happy, go-with-the-flow types of people, the fit between you and us was remarkable. We are fortunate that our decisions with respect to wedding vendors worked out so well -- much better than we expected.

We hope to hear/see you again. We will keep an eye on your venues and try and visit when we are in the area. Again, it was such a pleasure. We hope that you enjoyed your time and that, in at least some respect, found our event to be a little unique.

E-Mail from Dan and Suzanne - June 2003

Received your CD the other day and tried to play the music in my boom box. when it didn't work, I went to the computer CD drive and much to our surprise found out you did a photo album of the day. WE HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE EVEN TAKING PICTURES!!!

Can't thank you enough for the music, let alone the added touch of CANDID pictures that capture the essence of the day. Wish we could get together and do this once a month!!

We will DEFINITELY pass the word along as to what a professional, personal and fun band we discovered in "Oracle".

As an added thanks, we loved the newsletter mention of the wedding of your friends, Charlie and Joni........and the heat at Jim's!!!!!!!

Been busier than one-armed paper hangers, but hope to catch you all real soon...

Again, with many thanks, Charlie and Joni

p.s. pls feel free to use us a references should any ever be requested of you!!

E-mail from Charlie and Joni - July 2002

Hi, Steve,
It was such a pleasure to dance and listen to Oracle. All of you are wonderful and made our school stay a real treat. We have a few cases of 'tambourine hand' as a result of two weekends worth of partying but we are adapting and overcoming!

Let me say thank you for the kind words and your patriotism, it is really special to get a heartfelt thanks from the outside world. Also, the Staff Sgt. who took the pics hails from a duty station on the lovely island of Hawaii, and is an Army journalist (that is what all of us do, either print journalism or broadcasting).

On behalf of all of us, let me say thank you for the great time you afforded us. Leadership schools can by trying at times and your band offered us some much needed relaxation, smiles, and dancing.

My blessing to all of you in Oracle. You guys (and gal) are awesome. Keep on with the outstanding play list. We will keep you forever in our hearts.

Kelly ( US Army)

E-Mail received from Ft Drum NY following two week  training class at Ft Meade in Odenton 4/22/2003

Dear Steve, Veronica, Mike, & Jeff,

Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at out wedding.  We had an amazing time, as did all of our guests.  It really was perfect.  If you ever need a reference, please let us know.  We have already recommended you to people.  Thanks again!

Note from Ashley & Stefan - October 2002

Dear Oracle,

My husband and I came to Perry's last Saturday night and partied like we
haven't partied in 20 years. Your band is FANTASTIC!!! We will be coming
back on March 23. We would love to hear Lady Marmalade by Patti LaBelle. We
heard it tonight on the radio and both thought how well Oracle could do that
song!! Also, Sonny & Cher's I Got You Babe is another of our favorites.

We so very much look forward to partying with you again on March 23 at

Thanks for adding some excitement to our lives.

E-mail from Mark & Cathy - March 2002


I just wanted to say that I heard you all perform at the Knights of Columbus 40th anniversary party in Millersville last Friday, and you all were phenomenal! I couldn't believe that such a small group could generate such a big sound. I haven't danced like that for years. Your repertoire was really impressive. I loved the Sinatra tune, and my wife especially liked the 50s medley you all did.

You all are to be commended for such a wonderful performance. I signed up for the mailing list that night, and I'm looking forward to hearing you again in the future.

Message posted to Oracle Message Board from Andy - April 2002

Posted by Mike Quirk on 4/22/2002, 10:34 am , in reply to "Re: Great Performance last Friday"

Guys - I want to thank you publicly on behalf of our Council for making our Anniversary celebration complete. I heard nothing but terrific 'reviews' from those in attendance (but I knew that would be the case!)
"You do nice work" is an understatement. I hope the word gets out.
Thanks again.

Message posted to Oracle Message Board from Mike Quirk, Grand Knight, Archbishop Keough Council #5263, Odenton - April 2002

Hello Oracle!
I heard you all at the Laurel Main Street Festival last week, and I wanted to take a moment and let you know just how much my daughter and I enjoyed your concert. That song Proud to be an American that you concluded with sent chills down my spine!

Your female vocalist sounded awesome! You can tell she really gets into her performance.

I don't get a chance to get out much with three kids running around, but please let me know if you have any more concerts coming up that I can bring the kids to. You all are positively fabulous!

Message posted to Oracle Message Board from Wanda - 5/20/2003

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