Oracle Band 2003 Photo Pictorial -
The Year in Review

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Well, it's that time of year again, time for the annual Oracle Year In Review pictorial retrospective of the past year's highlights.

The year 2003 saw the Oracle Band emerge as one of the most popular variety bands in the entire Baltimore / Washington DC area.  Bookings were up significantly and we actually had clubs bidding to get the band for certain dates.  It was a compliment to the band, but also to the fans who helped pack the clubs night after night.

This then is our retrospective look back at some of the significant events and performances of 2003.  We hope you enjoy looking back as much as we do!!!

The new Years celebration at the Fleet Reserve Club in Annapolis got the new year off to a great start The year 2003 got off to a bang with Oracle's performance at the Fleet Reserve Club in Annapolis Maryland.  A sold out crowd danced their way right up to midnight, when fireworks lit up the Annapolis sky over the harbor.

January also saw the arrival of Oracle's newest member...bassist Glenn Jones.  Glenn joined the band at the first performance in January at the American Legion in Severna Park.  He succeeded Jeff Baxter, whose final performance was two weeks earlier at New Years.

Glenn Jones joined the band at the beginning of the year and made an immediate impact
Former vocalist & guitar player Jeff Baxter & his fiancee Jolene about to walk down the aisle Jeff had actually told the band he was leaving several months earlier, when he announced that he was getting married.  On January 18th the ceremony was held in Germantown with a reception in Gaithersburg. 

Oracle was of course on hand to play for the reception, as were the members of Jeff's previous band, Cross Tie Walker.

The day started around 11:00 loading stuff in.  After putting together a stage that could accommodate the two bands we were off to the ceremony, then back for the reception, which lasted until well after midnight.  To say it was a long but eventful day would be a major understatement!  

As you may or may not already know, Oracle performs for a great number of weddings.  

This one in early February 2003 had a middle eastern theme, complete with dancers that wore lit candelabras on their heads as they ushered in the newlywed couple!  Yes...that candelabra is actually balanced on her head!!!

Oracle shared time with a middle eastern band performing traditional ethnic songs.  All in all this was one of the more unique weddings we had ever performed at.

A middle eastern wedding with some authentic flavor
Valentines Day 2003 at the American Legion Post 175 Valentines Day found Oracle at the American Legion Post 175 in Severna Park Maryland.

It was a really great crowd since Valentine's Day happened to fall on a Friday night.

Also in February Oracle performed at the Baltimore Bridal Showcase at the Baltimore Convention Center, where we performed right in our booth for all of the prospective brides and grooms.

There aren't many bands that can pull off a performance like this at a volume low enough to allow the neighboring booths to still hear, but as you probably know, Oracle is no ordinary band!!! 

Baltimore Bridal Showcase at the Convention Center, & Oracle was there
Olivers Old Town Tavern in Laurel was a fun place to play. Not much dance floor, but a fun place nevertheless. March found Oracle at Oliver's Old Towne Tavern in Laurel for St Patrick's Day.

Although the dance floor there is practically non-existent, we had everyone dancing in the aisles as we brought a packed house crowd in to party the night away.


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