Oracle 2004 - The Year in Review

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It seems like just yesterday we were taking a look back at the year 2003 and wondering where the year went, and we are looking back at 2004 and sort of shaking our heads at how time flies by!

The year 2004 was another banner year for the band as we continued to expand our fan base (the "Oracle Family"), and expand the repertoire.  We learned almost 60 new songs over the course of the year, most of which came as result of your requests through our Suggest A Song Page here on the website.

So, hold onto your hats friends...because here we go back into Mr. Peabody's Way-Back-Machine to take a look at some of the highlights of 2004 for the Oracle Band.  We hope you've enjoyed the journey to this point as much as we have, and that you get a kick out of the photo retrospective that follows.

Here we go!!! 

THis was bassist Glenn Jones' final performance with the band. Click for enlarged view We start this little retrospective exactly where we left off in our 2003 Year In Review, with a sold out performance for New Years 2004 at the American Legion Post 175 in Severna Park Maryland.

Sadly it also marked the last performance of bassist Glenn Jones, who had announced earlier that the demands of Oracle's schedule and his job as an attorney were just not seeing eye to eye.

Glenn was with us for almost exactly one year, and although we were sorry to see him go, he remains a great friend and still stops by from time to time to sit in with the band.

It's so appropriate that we performed for New Years at the's been our home away from home for so long and the folks there are simply the best.

Want to see more photos?  Check out the 2003-2004 New Years Party at American Legion Post 175.

Mihele leads the Conga line as it snakes around the room. Click for enlarged view

In light of Glenn's departure the band was lucky enough to have received a last minute e-mail from a bassist down in southern Maryland who happened to be looking for a new band that maintained a busy schedule.  Oracle seemed to fit the bill perfectly!

Charlie Rundlett joined the band in January and made an immediate impact.

charlie-rundlett.jpg (147437 bytes)

February marked the end of live music at Jim's Hideaway in Odenton, a place that helped give Oracle it's break. Click for enlarged view February marked a disappointment when Jim's Hideaway, a regular stop on the Oracle tour, was forced to discontinue live music. We're still hoping that the issues that forced the cessation of live music at Jim's are able to be resolved.

Jim's was one of the clubs that gave Oracle it's break when starting out.  At one point the band was playing there 2-3 Fridays a month. You can see photos from our Jim's Hideaway performances at the Jim's Hideaway Photo Gallery.

As you may or may not already know, Oracle performs for a great number of weddings.  

To attract prospective clients, Oracle performs at a couple of large bridal shows each year.

This one, at the Baltimore Convention Center, was attended by almost 3000 people, from brides and grooms to wishful thinking mothers and little girls dreaming of the future.

Oracle performs at the Baltimore Bridal Showcase at the Baltimore Convention Center. Click for enlarged view

Oracle Band performs at Andrews Air Force Base Officers Club for Valentine's Day. Click for enlarged view Valentines Day found Oracle at Andrews Air Force Base in Suitland, the home of Air Force One, the President's plane. As always, we got plenty of photos.

The return was a nostalgic one for Steve as it had been over a decade since he had last performed there. Amazingly enough, the club has changed little in over 30 years.

It's always a pleasure to perform for those currently serving and those that have served our country in the armed forces.

The band's February performance at Perry's Restaurant in Odenton Maryland found a guest artist on stage with us, as Tom Walsh joined Steve in the horn "section".

Tom and Steve had worked together years before on the road with a show band called Pinoy.  Somewhere along the line we'll have to get Tom to sing a bit as well...he does one heck of a Louis Armstrong impersonation!

Trumpet player Tom Walsh joins Steve as he sits in with Oracle. Click for enlarged view

Steve's mom came out to My Way Supper Club in Laurel in March to hear the band for the first time. Click for enlarged view In March Oracle performed for the first time at a new club called My Way in Laurel Maryland.

In addition to the novelty of a new club to perform in, the evening was made even more memorable as Steve's mom came out to hear the band for the very first time.

Check out the My Way Photo Gallery for shots from our performances there.


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