Oracle 2005 - The Year in Review

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It has sort of become a tradition with Oracle Band to present a pictorial "year in review" series presenting photos and information from the past year.  We look forward to doing these retrospectives because sometimes the year flies by so fast we lose track of where the year actually went!

The fans all seem to get a kick out of them as well, since we take so many photos at our performances, and we focus (forgive the pun) on the audience rather than the band, so our fans get to relive moments from the previous year as well.

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Let's go!!! 

As with last year, we're going to start our retrospective where we left off last year, the big New Years Bash 2004-2005.  

This was our second consecutive year performing for the American Legion Post 175 in Severna Park Maryland.  We've said it before and we'll say it won't find a better group of people anywhere.  A sold out house helped usher in the New Year with enthusiasm.

The warmth, caring, and friendliness we receive from the members of the Legion is simply wonderful.  The events put on by the American Legion, the Sons of the American Legion, and the Legion Auxiliary benefit veterans, victims of disaster, and the physically challenged worldwide, and they are all to be commended. 

Want to see more photos?  Check out the 2004-2005 New Years Party at American Legion Post 175.

The conga line stretched all the way aroiund the room as Oracle celebrated the New Year 2005 at the American Legion in Severna Park Md. Click for enlarged view.
What a great party! Click for enlarged view.

The new dance floor at Whispers is always busy when Oracle comes to perform. Click for enlarged view. In January Oracle premiered at a brand new club in Glen Burnie called Whispers.

With the somewhat dubious former name of "Rumblefish", the club had new ownership with an exciting concept to provide a nice restaurant along with first class entertainment.

The place had many hurdles to overcome, such as distancing itself from the former image of the club, attracting a new clientele, and licensing challenges. When we first started performing there they weren't even permitted to have a dance floor, so our Oracle stalwarts simply danced on the carpet!

However, as the year progressed one hurdle after another was cleared, and today Whispers is the hottest new spot in Anne Arundel County.  The brand new dance floor is spacious and inviting, and the stage itself allows for a great show.

The food is excellent, and the crowds there have been growing week after week.

We're really looking forward to seeing where 2006 takes us at Whispers.  The management there continues is plans for new and exciting ways to make the place a wonderful entertainment hotspot.

Check out the Whispers Photo Gallery for all of the archived photos from our performances during 2005.

The huge stage area at Whispers makes it one of Oracle's favorite places to perform. Click for enlarged view.
The spacious stage area allows us to invite fans up on stage with us to get into the act. Click for enlarged view.

The holidays are a time when lots of couples get engaged, and then are faced with the daunting task of  planning a wedding.

At the Baltimore Convention Center we participated in the Baltimore Bridal Showcase. Newly engaged couples from all over the area come out to look for their photographers, wedding dress, florists, reception sites, and yes...their BAND! 

You can visit the Oracle Band Calendar page to see when we'll be appearing at the next big bridal show, which are typically held in the winter and in the fall.  The band receives some comp tickets to the show for our prospective clients, so if you or someone you know is getting married anytime soon, let us know and we'll send out some tickets.  It's all part of bring a member of the Oracle family!

The 2005 Baltimore Bridal Showcase at the Convention Center drew almost 1000 newly engaged brides and grooms to check out vendors for their weddings. Oracle performs in our booth throughout the show.  Click for enlarged view.
The fashion show presented at the Bridal Showcase attract hundreds of brides-to-be.  The guys, on the other hand, can come hang out with the band! Click for enlarged view.

Everyone has a great time at Perry's. Click for enlarged view. Perry's Restaurant in Odenton Maryland continues to be one of Oracle's favorite places to perform.

We perform Friday and Saturday nights there, which is great in that we only have to set everything up once and break it down once, but we get to play twice!  We can't tell you how nice it is to be able to come in on a Saturday evening and just turn the amps on and play without spending two hours setting everything up! 

The other great thing about playing two nights in a row at the same place is that we get to do our "no repeat weekends", where we play totally different songs each night.  Folks come out both nights and hear completely different music.  It allows us to showcase the size of our songlist, which now has almost 500 titles.

We love to take pictures at Perry's.  You just never know what's going to be happening there.  We've probably taken more photos at Perry's than at any other club we play.  

We maintain a complete archive of all the best photos we've taken over the years, so folks can look back and reminisce.  You can see photos from all of our Perry's performances by heading over to the Perry's Restaurant Photo Gallery.

There is always someone to dance with at Perry's. Click for enlarged view.
We love bringing folks up on stage with the band to help us party! Click for enlarged view.

February found the band back at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Odenton for the first time since New Years 2001, as the band performed for a Valentine's Day dance.

The performance also marked the first time that Oracle's newest member, Nikki Herrera, performed with the band.

It was a regular family affair as Nikki Herrera joined her parents on stage with Oracle for the first time. Click for enlarged view.

The band poses with the Legion's resident Leprechaun.  Click for enlarged view. In March Oracle was at the American Legion Post 175 for their annual St Patrick's Day Party.

The green beer was flowing and the luck of the Irish was everywhere as the Legion's resident leprechaun spread the gold pieces around.

For more photos from this evening check out the St Patrick's Day 2005 Photo Gallery.

The early spring also found the band performing at a pair of fund raisers, one in March and one in April, for the American Legion Howard L. Turner Post 276 in Severn Maryland.

The folks over at Severn really know how to throw a party, as the dance floor remained busy each time we performed there. 

Legion-276-benefit.jpg (112706 bytes)

Veronica's brothers & sisters, along with many of the extended family, all came together in March for a family photo. Click for enlarged view. In March of 2005 Veronica and the rest of the Herrera family took advantage of a rare weekend off to travel back home to Manila in the Philippines to visit with family and friends.

What had originally been planned as a simple trip to visit turned into a full fledged family reunion, as all four of her brothers and all four of her sisters (yeah...BIG family), all came together for the first time in 15 years under the same roof at the same time.

With family members spread literally all over the world, it was a reunion that could only have been dreamed of, yet somehow it all managed to come together perfectly.

For the whole story on her trip, check out Veronica's Family Reunion in Manila.


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