Oracle Band at Six Flags America

On August 5th last year Oracle had the privilege of performing at Six Flags America to help them celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Six Flags Amusement Park chain.  Performing on an incredibly hot day, the gig was nevertheless an absolute blast, sharing the stage with the likes of Bugs Bunny, Tweety bird, and other similarly notable celebrities.

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Confetti cannon going off to mark the 40th anniversary of Six Flags The confetti cannon roars as the band finishes performing "Happy Birthday Six Flags"!

Veronica gets a squeeze from a playful Daffy Duck as the park characters help the band celebrate.  Interacting with the cartoon characters was a high point of the show.  The kids really loved it.

Veronne and Daffy are very "close" to one another.  So what if he's a DUCK!
With some help from some celebrity cartoon characters Six Flags served a cake for over 500 people! The park brought out a huge birthday cake that served over 500 people.  Not surprisingly, it only took about 30 minutes and the cake was all gone!  All of the local cartoon characters helped serve the cake to the excited crowd.

Bugs was kind enough to save us a slice for when we were done with the set!

Kids of all ages gathered round as the band performed in the warm weather.  Some were even dancing, but not for long as the heat took it's toll and they headed for the water park to cool off!

Oracle performs for kids of all ages
Appreciative audience watching Oracle performance at Six Flags America

We had some really great audiences all afternoon, as folks would stop by and listen for a while as they worked their way to (or recovered from) the great roller coasters at Six Flags America.

All in all the afternoon was an incredible experience, performing for thousands of people throughout the day.  We certainly hope we get an opportunity to go back and do it all again!

Audiences watch as Veronica puts everything she has into the performance

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