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Oracle Performing at Joint Services Open House at Andrews Air Force Base

May 14, 2004

It was certainly a day to remember.  The Golden Knights parachute team "dropping in" right outside the Officer's Club door to the applause of hundreds.  The Navy Blue Angels performing breathtaking aerobatics in the sky with incredible precision.  The men and women who currently serve our country alongside those that have served over the last 75 years or so.

All of this combined to make the Oracle performance at the Joint Services Open House at Andrews Air Force Base Officers Club on Armed Forces weekend a smashing success...a day we will all remember.

The photos below show some of the scenes from the day.

Blue_angels_oracle_2.jpg (142822 bytes) Many folks call them heroes.  They call themselves the Navy's Blue Angels, and scoff at the "heroes" tag.  They are doing what they enjoy...flying. 

In addition to being some of the best pilots in the world, they are also some of the friendliest people it has ever been our privilege to meet.

Click on the photos for an enlarged view.

Blue_angels_oracle_3.jpg (144425 bytes)

band_andrews_1.jpg (131972 bytes) It was a packed house that came out to enjoy the day and celebrate our Armed Forces.  Kids of all ages hit the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning, and how could you not be inspired by a backdrop like this???
young_fans_1.jpg (86747 bytes) dancers_3.jpg (120841 bytes)

open_house_2.jpg (154956 bytes) dancers_2.jpg (151491 bytes)
dancers_1.jpg (140512 bytes) dancers_4.jpg (165431 bytes)
charlie_andrews.jpg (72648 bytes) We're really looking forward to returning to Andrews Air Force Base for next year's celebration.  We weren't quite sure what to expect this year, but next year we'll be looking forward to even more fun.

Stay tuned to the Oracle website for information as it becomes available.

If you'd be interested in attending other performances at Andrews Officer's Club, check out our calendar page to find out when we'll be appearing there next.

Due to perfectly obvious security reasons you can't just show up at our performance there, but with a little advance notice we can see to it that anyone can come out to enjoy an evening with us.

mike_andrews.jpg (88741 bytes) veronne_andrews.jpg (88045 bytes)
band_andrews_2.jpg (111705 bytes) Blue_angels_oracle_1.jpg (134692 bytes)
open_house_1.jpg (142501 bytes) general.jpg (111733 bytes)
young_fans_2.jpg (88836 bytes)

Photos from 2004 Sweetheart Dance at Andrews AFB Officers Club

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