Oracle Band at
Laurel Lakes Concert Pavilion

Granville Gude Park at Laurel Lakes
Laurel Maryland
Friday, June 27, 2008

The ducks didn't seem to mind the rain a bit, & kept staring at us wondering what the fuss was all about!

For the first time since Oracle began performing for the Laurel Summer in the Parks concert series some six years ago Mother Nature decided to try and throw a bit of a damper on the festivities.

While Daffy (pictured left) and the rest of his friends were wondering why a little deluge of rain & wind might disturb anyone, the rest of us on stage waited out the storm, and in less than 30 minutes had thrown off the tarps, plugged the amps back in, and a concert was underway.

Our performances in Laurel are always fun, and we weren't about to disappoint the fans that came out and waited through the rain delay.  By the end of the performance there was a nice group of people out on the lawn, and more than a few folks out dancing on the somewhat soggy ground.

Click on any of the photos below for an enlarged view.

Stormy skies threaten 2008 Laurel Parks concert The heavens open on the band prior to the start of the concert in Laurel Maryland
Rain delay for Laurel's Summer in the Park's Concert by Oracle Nothing like a walk through the pouring rain for these fans!
This is Ted from the Laurel Department of Parks & Recreation, making the gutsy call to proceed with the show! That's Bill & Gayle Stevick out there in the audience. They run U-Sing-It Karaoke, the best outfit in the area
Fans of all ages come out to enjoy the music in Laurel Nikki & Veronne performing on stage at Laurel Lakes concert 2008
That's Mike on stage playing guitar We love our four legged fans! They love the show too!
A little soggy ground won't stop these die hard Oracle fans from dancing! Nikki & her electric fiddle at Laurel Lakes concert 2008
Dancing out in front of the stage at the 2008 Laurel Lakes Maryland concert The fans were everywhere, from the main lawn to the parking area on the side. Talk about tailgating!
The audience slowly swelled. Most thought the concert would be cancelled because of the rain, but we knew the show must go on! The kids love coming to concerts like this to ALL ages!
With so much space the stage seems a long ways off, but that's Oracle up there performing. Nikki on stage at Laurel Concert 2008
Oracle performances are geared towards the whole family, kids included, (& the stuffed animals are invited too)! Folks were dancing whenever the urge overtook them at the 2008 Laurel Lakes concert
Mike sings & looks out at an enthusiastic fan ;-) mom is doing the leading, but in a few years this guy will be holding his own on the dance floor
Love those tailgate parties at the 2008 Oracle Band concert at Laurel Lakes Maryland Veronica on stage at Laurel Maryland concert 2008
Audience at the 2008 Laurel Lakes Maryland concert We love folks who will dance whenerver the mood strikes, like these folks at the 2008 Laurel Lakes concert
Just kick your shoes off and have a great's easy when Oracle is on the stage! Sunset behind the lake in Laurel Maryland at the 2008 Laurel Lakes Concert Series
Cool the sun set the stage at Laurel Lakes glowed blue and gold Looking out into the field at Laurel Lakes where the audience numbers grew steadily all evening long
Dancers down in front of the stage at the 2008 Laurel Lakes Parks concert Oracle Band on stage at the 2008 Laurel Lakes Summer in the Parks Concert
Proud To Be An American closes every Oracle performance, paying tribute to the men & women serving in our armed forces Post-concert meet & greet with our Oracle fans at the 2008 Laurel Lakes concert
Hard to believe our engineer Steve knows where each and every wire is supposed to be, isn't it? The mix position is where everything comes together to form the "Oracle Sound" Oracle Band "Meet & Greet" with our fans following the 2008 concert at Laurel Lakes Maryland

Other photos from City of Laurel Events:

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