Oracle Band at Laurel Main Street Festival

Laurel, Maryland
May 10, 2003

Main_street_1.jpg (124849 bytes) The day started with major thunderstorms rumbling through the area.  We didn't even know if we should bother to drive into town for the 23rd annual Laurel Main Street Festival.

The major storms subsided though, and although it remained threatening, and continued to sprinkle, Oracle headed on into town to see if we couldn't pull this show off.

The Laurel Main Street Festival draws thousands of people each year as they close down Main Street and fill it with vendors of every, crafts, politicians, health care providers, churches, antiques, and of course, ENTERTAINMENT.

The rain didn't dampen the spirits of the crowd though.  When it rained they simply pulled out umbrellas and kept on going.

Main_street_4.jpg (163152 bytes)
Main_street_3.jpg (188824 bytes) Unfortunately, for a band on an uncovered stage the rain causes more than a little consternation, since water and expensive electronics really don't mix very well!

Mother Nature smiled on the band though, and the rain stopped just long enough for Oracle to take the stage and put on their performance.

It was an interesting performance to say the least.  The "stage" we were performing on was a large hay wagon type trailer.  It wasn't anchored all that well, so if three people were standing on the back (stage left) the trailer tended to start to tip backwards!

Making things even more interesting was the fact that the shocks on the springs were somewhat spongy, and as many of you all know it's really tough to keep Veronica from bouncing around and dancing on stage.  The stage sort of went with her, making for a somewhat wild ride!

Main_street_2.jpg (158284 bytes) By the end of the day as we closed the performance with "Proud To Be An American" we had a large crowd standing around joining in singing, and even the neighboring vendors had stopped to give a listen.

All in all it was an extremely good day, and we're looking forward to returning next year and making this an annual event.

Other photos from City of Laurel Events:

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