New Years 2002 - 2003 With Oracle Band
at the Fleet Reserve Club of
Annapolis Maryland

What a fun place to perform.  The Fleet Reserve Club in Annapolis has one of the most  envied locations in the area.  Situated on the water right on "Ego Alley" in the heart of Old Town Annapolis, the club recently underwent a major renovation.  

This beautiful club is a pleasure to perform in, and the people there welcome the band with open arms.  We had the privilege of performing there for the New Years celebration ushering in 2003.  Shown below are some of the images from this fun filled evening.

The dance floor was packed almost all night.  In spite of the First Night Annapolis celebration going on outside the club, the room was packed with party people ready to ring in the new year.
Click for enlarged view. The dance floor was packed all night long. Click for enlarged view.  We love having folks come up on stage with us!

Click for enlarged view. We encourage everyone to feel free to grab a tambourine and "shake it". A great time was had by all as Oracle got the entire crowd involved in the performance.
Click for enlarged view. The conga line stretch all the way around the room

Click for enlarged view. Finale at close of New Years Performance at Fleet Reserve Club - Proud To Be An American Click for enlarged view. Veronica has more fun than anyone at an Oracle show!
Click for enlarged view. Dancers at Fleet Reserve Club New Years party We're still getting notes from folks who attended the New Years Party at the Fleet Reserve Club, telling us just how much fun they had there.

All we can say is that when the crowd has a good time, WE have a good time.  It's why we do what we do.  We love watching folks enjoying themselves.

Photos from past Oracle Band
New Years Celebrations

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