Oracle 2007 - The Year in Review

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In 2001 we prepared our first "Oracle Band Year In Review" pictorial.  It was all of two web pages long, and the lead caption told us about the turmoil of the election of President Bush and the disastrous events of September 11th.

Here we are SEVEN years later.  As the old commercial used to say, "you've come a long way baby".

There were a couple of major events that changed the face and direction of the band.

Oracle Band - Formal ShotThe first was the permanent addition of our electric violinist Nikki, going from "resident guest artist" to permanent member present at every performance.  Nikki's presence has given the band a spark of energy that has helped keep us going, and has added lots of new fans to the roster.

The other big event, detailed shortly in photos  on this page, was our performance at the Chesapeake Commodore's Club Ball in Ocean City in January.  This enormous gathering of past commodore's from all the area boat and yacht clubs literally opened the flood gates of requests for the band to perform at clubs from Jersey to the Eastern Shore.

So, enough for the introduction.  Let's get on with the pictorial, and reminisce about the past year and all the fun performances we've seen.  As we mentioned last year, this essay is as much fun for the band as it is for the fans...and perhaps more so.

Let's do it. Click on any of the images below for an enlarged view.

Beginning or the end???

As with past pictorials we start where we left off, with a recap of the first performance of the year...the annual New Years Party.

For the fourth year in a row Oracle was invited to perform at the American Legion Post 175 in Severna Park as we ushered out 2006 and welcomed 2007.

We go back a long way with the folks at the Legion.  It's nice to play somewhere and know so many names and even more really is like a family gathering.  

Included in the audience was the band's biggest fan, our good friend Wesley, who loves to dance .  Wes can be found out on the dance floor at many of Oracle's performances throughout the year.

The folks at the Legion are definitely party people.  Despite the fact that the party started around 7:00, at the time we finished breaking everything down and loading the trucks and trailer, there were STILL a big group of people up in the lounge celebrating the beginning of the new 4:30 in the morning!

Want to see more photos?  Check out the 2006-2007 New Years Party at American Legion Post 175 photo gallery.

Party crowd at Chesapeake Commodore's Club Ball in Ocean City The huge atrium at the Princess Royale with the Chesapeake Commodore's Club
Oracle on stage at Chesapeake Commodore's Club Ball in Ocean City Maryland
Veronica gets her first taste of Thrashers French Fries in Ocean City
Veronica & Nikki with wild pony at Assateague Island

Chesapeake Commodore's Club - Ocean City Maryland

Oracle's first performance of the new year was destined to have a significant impact on the band and our future performance schedule.

The Chesapeake Commodore's Club holds their annual ball the very first weekend in January in Ocean City Maryland.  The party is so big it takes an entire weekend, from Friday through Sunday afternoon.

Well over 600 people were in attendance for this spectacular party, and the band was on hand both Friday and Saturday to perform for past commodores of the various area boat and yacht clubs.

The weekend was even more special as it marked Veronica's first visit to Ocean City.  Saturday afternoon found the band down on the boardwalk where Veronica had her first taste of the world famous Thrashers French Fries, and then on down to Assateague Island to meet (up close and personal) with the wild ponies made famous in the book "Misty of Chincoteague".

This party was to become a major break for the band in that we were immediately deluged with requests to perform for many of the other area yacht clubs. 

Oracle Band on stage at Chesapeake Commodore's Club Ball in Ocean City Maryland View from stage at the Chesapeake Commodore's Club annual Ball in Ocean City Maryland

 Dance floor & party people at Perry's Restaurant in Odenton Maryland - 3  Perrys-Odenton-07.jpg (135888 bytes)

Perry's Restaurant 

January saw the first of seven weekend performances at Perry's Restaurant in Odenton Maryland.

Perry's has been an institution for the band from the beginning.  The restaurant underwent significant remodeling during the course of the year, with the bar getting moved, the stage relocated, and a real dance floor installed.

The one thing that didn't change there were the great people that come out regularly to support Oracle when we perform there.

Oracle remains the only band that can regularly pack the house on both Friday and Saturday nights.  When we perform at Perry's you can always count on a great crowd of people and dance floor that is hopping all evening long.

We'd like to thank the management and staff at Perry's for always making our visits there memorable.  Joanne, Chris, and all the bartenders, waitresses, barbacks, cooks...they are all family to us, and we really appreciate their efforts.  They don't always receive the credit that is their due, and we'd like to send a salute out to them for their dedication and service.

Check out the Perry's Restaurant Photo Gallery for photos from performances throughout the year.

Perrys-Odenton-16.jpg (140599 bytes)
Perrys-satdance-01.jpg (149465 bytes)
Oracle Band at Perry's Restaurant Party - Odenton Maryland. Click any image for enlarged view
Dancers-25.jpg (124191 bytes) Perrys-Saturday-10.jpg (93696 bytes)

Veronica on stage at Linda's retirement party in February

Retirement Party 

In February one of Oracle's best friends and biggest fans retired from the US Naval Academy.

Active in activities at the American Legion Post 175 in Severna Park, Linda's contributions have been many, and we were proud to be a part of the huge retirement party they threw at the Legion.

We'd like to wish Linda the best in her "retirement", (we can't imagine her staying still for very long).

Our best wishes go out to her for whatever path she decides to pursue from here forward.

Our good friend and fan Linda, who retired from the Naval Academy this past year.

valentines-anniversary.jpg (118781 bytes) valentines-dancers-2.jpg (131133 bytes)

Valentine's Day at Post 40 

Valentine's Day in February found Oracle performing at the American Legion Post 40 in Glen Burnie.

The young couple pictured above were celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary! It was definitely an evening for love!

To see more photos from this performance go to the Post 40 Valentine's Day Photo Gallery.

valentines-friends-5.jpg (84978 bytes)

Oracle Band at Chocolate Ball in Howard County Oracle Band at Chocolate Ball at Johns opkins Applied Physics Lab in Howard County
View from stage looking at Dance Floor for Chocolate Ball in Howard County
Oracle Band performs at the Annual Chocolate Ball in Howard County

Chocolate Ball - Howard County 

For the second year in a row Oracle was honored to be invited for a return performance at the annual "Chocolate Ball" at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Howard Country.

The March black-tie event was the major benefit fund raiser for The Arc of Howard County, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of those with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Oracle Band at Chocolate Ball Benefit in Howard County Auction at Howard County's Chocolate Ball

irish-dancers-03.jpg (124136 bytes) irish-dancers-15.jpg (120251 bytes)

St. Patrick's Day - American Legion Post 175 

Once March rolls around that can only mean one thing...anticipation of the annual St. Patrick's Day party at the American Legion Post 175

Oracle has performed for this particular party for the past 5 years, & each year it grows bigger and bigger.  For 2007 the party was moved downstairs to accommodate the larger crowds.

Featuring a meal of corned beef, cabbage, and Irish potatoes, the band then kicks things off and we party until the wee hours of the morning. 

We took lots of photos at this performance.  You can view them all at the American Legion St. Patrick's Day Photo Gallery 

irish-dancers-05.jpg (151906 bytes)
irish-dancers-18.jpg (109270 bytes)
irish-dancers-09.jpg (150879 bytes) nikki-veronne.jpg (149560 bytes)

My-Way-Dancing-03.jpg (147101 bytes) My-Way-Dancing-18.jpg (174470 bytes)
MyWay-Dancers-12.jpg (145554 bytes)
It was a wild and crazy night, as you can see from the ladies dancing on the bar. Click for enlarged view

My Way - Laurel Maryland 

March of 2007 marked the final performance of Oracle at My Way Restaurant in Laurel.  Towards the end of the year the club was sold, but the memories remain.

The small size of the club always made it look like a huge crowd was there every night.  Indeed, most performances we had every seat in the house reserved before the doors even opened!

We made lots of good friends there at My Way, and we hope that we'll be seeing lots of you at our other performances throughout the area.

Visit the My Way Photo Galleries to look back on our past performances there.

MyWay-Band-1.jpg (139010 bytes) My-Way-Dancing-10.jpg (158782 bytes)


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