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All of the wedding links we present here have been reviewed (and in some cases designed) by the Oracle band members for content and quality.  All opinions expressed here are strictly those of the reviewer(s).


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Wedding Professionals in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

Association of Wedding Professionals
AWP members are committed to quality of service, professionalism, and adhere to a standard of ethics set forth by this excellent association.  There are many worthwhile articles and an extensive list of vendors, all members of the association, who can be depended upon for their excellence.  Most of the members of this association are known personally by the band.  (The Oracle Band is also a long time member of the Association).

Absolute Wedding Events
A brand new site for brides and grooms in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  Featuring a continually growing list of vendors, this is a relatively new site that is adding features and articles by the day, so check back often. 

Top Wedding Sites
This is a good site for locating wedding vendors and wedding related websites of all categories.  Oh yeah...the more of our visitors that click on this link, the better our ranking in terms of the "Top Wedding Sites" voting.  How about helping us make it to #1???  Only one vote per person...they track these carefully. 
Looking for a place to go hear live music?  Looking for a band that you haven't heard from in years, and want to see if they're still around? Well this is the place to go.  With over a hundred local Maryland bands, and just as many local nightspot listings, this site is THE place to find great live music. Of course Oracle's schedule is always posted here.


If you are a wedding service provider and would like us to review your site for a listing here, drop us an  with your name, address, and URL, and we'll be happy to take a look.  Listings are not guaranteed, and are placed solely at the discretion of the Oracle  .

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