Oracle Photo Shoot

March 2004 - Fells Point Baltimore, Maryland

It was a cold, blustery morning when we hit the streets in Fells Point Baltimore for our annual photo shoot.  Veronica was freezing in her gown for the formal shots, but you have to look closely to know it.

ken_band_berthas.jpg (136448 bytes)While we don't normally like to post a lot of pictures of the band ( us it's the PEOPLE that are the most interesting), we wanted to show you a few shots of the band and the fabulous work of our ace photographer Ken (Photography by Ken).  

Ken has been doing our photos from the past three years, and each year the images he captures impress us more and more.  A recent reassignment with his day job has him heading for Denver Colorado soon, and we're going to miss having him around, but he promises to come back for visits. 

This page is extremely graphics intensive, so please allow sufficient time for the images to load.  You can click on any of the images to view them in an enlarged view.

Berthas_formal.jpg (117083 bytes) Is there a better landmark in all of Fells Point than Bertha's Mussels?  

We really like the shots here, as Bertha's is such a recognizable location and the unique angles Ken get with both the formal and casual photos made for some really interesting results.

The doorway photo was one that just sort of happened.  We took a couple and were goofing around, and when you put the two together, can see the results!

The offshore wind ( was a WIND, not a breeze), coupled with the unseasonably cold temps (even for March), had Veronica in goosebumbs most of the day, particularly in the formal shots where the guys got to wear jackets and she was in her gown.

Berthas_instruments_casual.jpg (143545 bytes)

veronne_jail_setup.jpg (103242 bytes) veronne_jail.jpg (106885 bytes)
Homicide.jpg (116661 bytes) If you've ever watched the TV show Homicide you'll recognize this building.

It was only natural to have a little fun in front of the plaque they attached to the building.

Ken also caught some really cool background lighting inside the building, something we never would have thought of.

homicide_bldg_formal.jpg (82660 bytes) homicide_bldg_casual.jpg (102738 bytes)

casual_instruments_posed.jpg (133370 bytes) street_performance.jpg (155105 bytes)

As the morning turned to early afternoon things get even more relaxed and we all started having even more fun.

Folks walking by on the street wondered what was going guy thought that we were posing for wedding photos...of course Mike & Veronne have been married for almost 25 years (the big anniversary is coming up this summer).

That's the light meter in Mike's hand in the photo on the right.  He looks like he's holding it up as a product endorsement in a commercial!

getting_a_reading.jpg (102380 bytes)
Street_instruments_casual_2.jpg (156679 bytes) Doorway_casual.jpg (95284 bytes)

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