Concert at Granville Gude Park Pavilion
at Laurel Lakes

Friday, June 17, 2005

herrera-family-on-stage.jpg (125823 bytes)It was a picture perfect day for an outdoor concert, with the temperature in the 70s and white fluffy clouds overhead.

This concert in Laurel was a treat for many reasons, but perhaps none more so than the first public appearance on stage of Mike & Veronica's daughter Nikki, whose violin virtuosity amazed everyone, particularly when they learned she had just graduated from High school!

The return of one of the original Oracle Band members, Jeff Baxter, also lent to to the enjoyment of all...most especially the band members themselves!

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crowd-1.jpg (118180 bytes) charlie.jpg (112276 bytes)
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Jeff-and-friend.jpg (114846 bytes) Sunset.jpg (84793 bytes)

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