Photo Gallery - Oracle Band at
Laurel Independence Day

Granville Gude Park at Laurel Lakes
Laurel Maryland
Friday, July 5, 2008

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It's the Independence Day celebration in Laurel Maryland as Oralce performs for tens of thousands of spectators

We wanted to make sure to mention that the concert and fireworks presented on the 5th were dedicated to Corporal Richard Findley, a ten year veteran of the Prince Georges County Police Department, who had been killed in the line of duty a week earlier in Laurel. 

Findley, a father of two daughters aged 9 and 6, was also active at the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department. We mourn his passing while at the same time celebrate his life and all the good that he did during his time with us, and we would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to his family and colleagues.

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Mike looks out at the crowd listening to the Oracle Band as we perform prior to the fireworks display What a great day to kick your shoes off & enjoy the outdoors!
The kids are always the most fun to watch from stage. THis young man was a master at air was fun watching him play.
Veronica's relatives, including her mom in from the Philippines, and her sister, listen to the band perform It was so much fun watching the expressions on all the little kids as they danced and listened to the band at the Laurel Independence Day celebration
It's always nice to see familiar faces at our performances. You'll find this Oracle Family member on many of our Photo Gallery pages, sometimes wearing nothing more than coconuts! Veronica's niece & nephew take in the show
You've gotta love this guy's hat!
The face painters were busy all day, as is evidenced by this young man's appearance The crowd continues to grow and the view from the stage gets more and more awe inspiring.
The Beatles said it best..."I wanna hold your hand" Nikki looks out at the ever swelling crowd at the Oracle  Band's performance at Laurel Lakes 2008
Dancing barefoot in the field during a romantic song. Hey...Oracle is a DANCE band after all, & we love seeing folks dance together. Another one of our Oracle Family members chowing down during the performance
It's hard to imagine that the crowd can get any bigger, but it will! Oh yeah..."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"!!!
As Oracle Band performs the kids come down front to sit on the edge of the stage to watch.  They feel like they are part of the show! The look of pure pleasure on the faces of the folks down in front of the stage is why we keep playing.  It's so much FUN!
Oracle at Laurel Lakes Independence Day concert at Laurel Lakes Maryland 2008 Nikki surveys the crowd as it creeps closer & closer to the front of the stage.
Dancers down in front of the stage as the sun continues to set The "Dance Floor" in front of the stage was kept pretty busy, just like all the dance floors Oracle commands
The kids were having a blast hanging out on the front of the stage with the band. Who knows how many budding musicians were up there listening? We couldn't take enough photos like this one.  Man of man, what a great view from the stage!
The lights illuminate the crowd as we prepare to conclude the evening's festivities before the fireworks The kids hit the stage & join the band as we prepare for the big fireworks display in Laurel Maryland
The crowd has filled the whole area right up to the edge of the stage, & the cheers at the end of each number get louder & louder OK, so it looks like some of the other shots, but we REALLY love looking at this crowd...the largest Oracle has ever performed for.
What a fantastic view for a performing musician! The final song...God Bless The USA, & it brough everyone to their feet.

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